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What if Trump Won the Election?

Bob Moriarty

Dec 12, 2020

That actually is a pretty stupid question. I did a seminar with Frank Holmes in the month before the election. I had mentioned to him that Trump was certain to win the election. Based on the social media numbers comparing those following Trump compared to those following Biden, Trump had 400-800% more followers. Well folks, people who are on social media are also voters in most cases. Trump did win the election. At least most of the votes from those voters who voted just one time legally.

I want to make it 100% clear to any of the lefties reading that I don’t actually like Donald Trump. While he has done a few things right, he’s a lard ass who has been pimped by Sheldon Adelson and Benjamin Netanyahu. If you want to know who really rules the US, just try being critical of anything Israel does.

In any case Texas has gone to the Supreme Court to have the election results overturned in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia based on the requirement for absentee ballots being changed in those states without the approval of their legislatures. That happens to be illegal and Ray Charles could see just how corrupt the voting was in all those states.

In every election from class president for high school seniors to President of the United States, someone is cheating or trying to cheat. JKF won the presidency of the US in 1960 based on votes from dead people voting in alphabetical order in Texas and Chicago. You are never going to stop someone or some political party from trying to steal an election.

2020 brought a new depth of fraud to an election. There weren’t a few votes stolen or some software rigged, it was easily the most corrupt election certainly in US history and perhaps world history. The Democrats didn’t even pretend to want to hold an honest election. Why should they? They have had an ongoing coup against Trump for the last four and a half years.

On the strictly legal issue of changing the voting rules by administration rather than through the legislature, Texas is 100% correct. Those four states did not comply with even their own election laws. They can plead Covid made me do it but that’s bullshit and they know it.

This is the most important legal ruling from the Supreme Court in US history. If they allow the most fraud in an election in history to succeed, we may as not ever bother holding another election because election fraud is like beating your wife or throwing a tennis racket. No one does it just one time.

The Supreme Court may well soon pull the plug on the American Empire. It’s going to be visible from Mars for anyone there actually interested.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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