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Resverlogix Testing Cure for Covid, the Terrible Spike Protein and Heart Issues

Bob Moriarty

Apr 4, 2023

Every ten years or so I come across a story so compelling that I love sharing it with my readers. Today I have such a story. Someone brought it to me a couple of weeks ago and I have done a lot of study into it.

The company is called Resverlogix (RVX-T). They have spent over $600 million since 2001 on drug development and testing. They created a multi-solution pharmaceutical product they call Apabetlone in 2006. It helps restore DNA back to factory original condition. Basically it gets the body to resend the original DNA healthy message to replace the damaged DNA from diet, disease or other issues.

Apabetalone earned the very first FDA top rating for a major cardiovascular program, the Breakthrough Therapy Designation (BTD). The drug has been written up in over 100 peer reviewed publications including a thirty-nine page Covid-19 article in the number one biology journal, CELL. The patent for Apabetalone extends to 2041.

At the present price of shares, Resverlogix has a market cap of $39 million Canadian. The international consulting company Deloitte has estimated the potential market for Apabetalone could range from $68 billion to $150 billion over the lifetime of the patent. I don’t know what currency that is but with numbers that big, who cares after all what it is quoted in?

The recent crash in biotech shares has created a potential stock appreciation of a ten-fold increase in the stock price. Average share prices in the biotech sphere have dropped by 80% with nothing else changing. Resverlogix has potential in three categories, favorable financings, positive clinical data and M&A or a partnership.

Two weeks ago the company announced a $7 million debenture extension for 12 months. Another recent announcement talking about two different peer reviews showed Apabetalone reduced the spike protein binding and showed the short and long term pathologic effects of both the Covid virus and the spike protein from the “vaccines”.

As my readers have been aware for over two and a half years, the whole Covid issue was fraud from the very beginning. The US DOD paid for the Covid program. Dr. Fauci financed the “gain of function” research, illegal in the United States, to make the virus more deadly. The 15 days to flatten the curve was a lie, 300 different scientific studies show that masks don’t work and the numbers of injured and deaths were vastly inflated. Basically everything the media and governments told us was a bold face lie.

But Covid is a serious flu that killed people with an average age higher than the normal age of death. Old people and obese people were at risk. We could have cured the flu with either Ivermectin or hydoxychloroquine but the CDC, FDA and WHO mocked a Nobel Prize winning drug with billions of doses safely administered world wide as being just for horses. We were lied to in order for the criminal Big Pharma could force ineffective and dangerous drugs on an unsuspecting public.

Clearly the “vaccines” are far more dangerous than the original virus. Insurance companies are reporting increased excess deaths higher than 20% in those who took the jab.

Resverlogix has a potential cure not only for ongoing “Long Covid” but also for the spike protein generated by the jab. That is in addition to the clinical benefit for those suffering from heart disease where the company was looking for a 20% reduction of death, heart attacks and congestive heart failure but the last trial showed a 63% reduction.

The next major milestone is predicted for Q2 of 2023 with the announcement of a funding source for the trial of Apabetalone to reduce heart problems. In Q3 Resverlogix expects to begin drug manufacturing with the patient trials to start dosing in Q4 for the heart program.

Trials for the cure of Long Covid are expected to begin in Q3 with Long Covid results to be published in Q2 of 2024. By Q3 2024 Resverlogix will be announcing the interim analysis of 300 patient events after six months have passed.

Resverlogix has partnered with a company named Eversana to commercialize the drug. As the Phase 3 trials progress, more and more attention will be focused on the company and the drug. I have no problem suggestion a potential 10-100 fold potential from the current price.

Apabetalone could be one of those miracle drugs that come along once in a great while. The potential just for helping “Long Covid” and killing the spike protein could be one of the most important drugs in history. Add to it the potential for helping cure heart disease and high blood pressure is almost as important.

As of now, about 13 billion doses of the “vaccine” have been administered worldwide. They had to change the definition of vaccine during the plandemic because the “vaccine” doesn’t prevent transmission, doesn’t cure Covid or prevent future cases of the flu. In short the “vaccines” don’t work as admitted by both Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci.

But of the 7-8 billion humans who took the shot, one out of every three has had some sort of adverse reaction. That makes for a very big market for a drug that can stop the spike protein and help restore healthy DNA.

Resverlogix is an advertiser. I have bought shares in the open market and that makes me biased. Please take responsibility for your own investment decisions. After all, it is your money.

Resverlogix Corp
RVX-T $.155 (Apr 03, 2023)
RVXCF-OTCBB 266 million shares
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Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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