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Call Justin Castro by his Real Name

Bob Moriarty

Sep 7, 2022

Sometimes in life we need to remember that freedom is not free. It’s not a gift that mommy and daddy gave you for your fifth birthday like a pony. Someone had to pay for it, often with their lives.

A sock puppet of Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum runs Canada. He calls himself Justin Trudeau but that’s not his true name. Pierre Trudeau was not his father. His father was Fidel Castro. Justin Castro shares the worst aspects of his father. He’s a dictator and a tyrant.

The WEF plans by 2030 to turn the mass of "useless eaters" into slaves who will owe nothing, own nothing and be happy. Every history book is filled with the daft schemes of the elite who always confuse dollars with sense. They will fail once again but destroy the world’s economy and kill hundreds of millions of us first.

Castro also is directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Canadians by forcing them to take the suicide shots. Now he wants to insist Canadians do the killer shots to their children. That qualifies as a crime against humanity. Children were never at danger from Covid. The government edicts were far more dangerous. Covid didn’t kill kids. But the killer shots do. The UK has just woken up and the jabs will not be offered to children between five and eleven.

We know most of what we need to know after two and a half years of propaganda from the governments owned and operated by the WEF and big Pharma. Covid 19 was planned years in advance to further the depopulation plans of Soros, Gates, Fauci, Schwab, Blackrock and the rest of the war criminals from Davos. It was little more than a bad flu.

The CDC knew in March of 2020 that both Ivermectin and HCQ would quickly cure what was little more than a case of the flu. The US government paid hospitals up to $39,000 to kill their patients. The CDC and NIH still require Remdesivir as part of the hospital protocol in spite of the drug failing the only drug test it ever went through and killing 40% of those being given the drug.

Covid had nothing to do with health or wellbeing. It was a bioweapon paid for by the US working in Wuhan and released as early as November of 2019. The world was lied to about everything. The masks couldn’t possibly work. My readers knew that two years ago. Finally the CDC came out and agreed with me. My readers knew two years ago that the PCR test was meaningless. It tests for any cold or flu virus. It didn’t test for Covid. As of the end of last year the CDC finally admitted the PCR tests didn’t work and are no longer used.

The fifteen days lockdown to “flatten the curve” was a lie. The lockdowns didn’t work and did enormous damage to the world economy. Which is exactly what Castro and the WEF want, to destroy the economy so they can take over. Social distancing was meaningless. All of the impositions by governments were only for control. The entire purpose of the barrage of fear porn was to set up people to take the untested so called “vaccines” of experimental gene therapy.

Now we know that the “vaccines” and the vaccine passports were the whole purpose from the very beginning. Far more people have died sudden deaths from the effects of the suicide jabs than ever died from Covid. So many people are keeling over and dying suddenly that the PTB had to come up with a new name for a new malady. They call it “Sudden Adult Death.” And to all the governments and medical personnel who were absent without leave for 2.5 years, it’s a giant mystery as to what killed them. No one wants to admit that charts listing the SAD are identical to that of people taking the killer jabs.

Justin Castro is a monster. His response to the tens of thousands of incredibly brave truck drivers who blockaded Ottawa in the hopes of being heard was to call them terrorists and to seize the bank accounts from all of those contributing to what was a peaceful and perfectly legal protest. Of course the protest was a pain in the ass to the government. Aren’t protests supposed to be a pain in the ass? That’s the whole purpose. I hope Canadians noticed that he didn’t even have the guts to talk to the truckers and listen to their very real grievances. The banks had to give Castro and his sidekick WEF Assistant Prime Minister a wakeup call after tens of thousands of Canadians called up to cancel their bank accounts in response.

Castro is pushing the entire WEF war plans. In the works are orders to force 11,200 farmers off their land in order to comply with the WEF nitrogen emission requirements. Nitrogen is 78% of what we breathe. Farmers have nothing to do with creating a mystical problem made up by Schwab in order to fight climate change that doesn’t exist.

Castro is promoting the assisted suicide program of the Canadian government reminiscent of the Germans prior to and during WW II. Government agents are going so far as to suggest the disabled participate in their own deaths in order to save the government money.

Revolutions do not occur when 95% of the citizens suddenly wake up to how corrupt and evil their government has turned out to be. Revolutions begin when a few lonely but brave concerned citizens awaken to what is going on. In any society the vast majority will remain ignorant and will listen to all the propaganda.

Castro needs to be given the boot and if all concerned Canadian citizens simply began to use his real name, Justin Castro, enough others would begin to think about what evil is being done to their country in his name and will give him a forced retirement. Resist while you still can.

Alternatively you can prepare to be happy as a slave.

All slaves are happy. Just ask them.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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