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Turkey is about to launch a false flag operation so they can invade Syria

Bob Moriarty

Feb 15, 2016

There are times I wonder if the world has lost its collective mind. There are other times where I don’t wonder at all.

In 2012 I wrote a piece on the anniversary of the false flag operation conducted on September 11, 2001. That was the attack where the official Senate report on 911 had 28 pages redacted to protect a state sponsor of the attack from the Middle East.

I’m going to quote from my 2012 piece because it is so appropriate today as we count down the last seconds to a nuclear World War III.

The issues in the Middle East are far simpler than anyone else has told you. Israel began plans for dominance of the entire Middle East in 1982 with the publication of a paper by Oded Yinon titled, "A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties" In it he makes clear, “To survive, Israel must 1) become an imperial regional power, and 2) must effect the division of the whole area into small states by the dissolution of all existing Arab states.”

That may sound familiar because it is the same plan in 1996 later called, "The Clean Break from the Peace Process." In the “Clean Break” the authors Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, David Wurmser and Mayrav Wurmser suggest “Rather than pursuing a "comprehensive peace" with the entire Arab world, Israel should work jointly with Jordan and Turkey to "contain, destabilize, and roll-back" those entities that are threats to all three.”

The US rolled back Iraq on behalf of Israel resulting in the deaths of over 2 million innocent Iraqis and over 10,000 Americans if you feel like counting mercenaries. Israel wants the US to now destabilize Iran even though Iran has threatened no one and the US has nothing to gain and everything to lose. We bankrupted our country and lost all moral credibility with our endless and pointless wars for Israel.

The traitors to the US continued with a new rewording of Yinon’s gospel now called the "Project for a New American Century" and now “we need to strengthen our ties to democratic allies and to challenge regimes hostile to our interests and values.” In other words, the same fools that came up with the “Clean Break” reword it and now America has become Israel’s attack lap dog. They pick the wars, we bleed and die for Israel and get to pay for them.

I nailed it in 2007, we were on the verge of going to war, a nuclear war, on behalf of Israel sponsored by a 5th Column at the highest level of the US Government.

In the piece I wrote in 2012 I used Iran as the enemy of the day as they were then. We have since realized that because Iran had no nuclear weapons program as confirmed by our 16 intelligence agencies, that we should realize they were no threat to anyone. So we don’t hear about Iran much any more. We made peace with a country that did not pose a threat to the US and the world is better off as a result.

But Israel has bloody handprints all over a new program of terrorism, this time against Syria. Let me point out that Assad is the President of Syria. Israel does not have any legal right to attempt regime change in the country any more than the US or Turkey or France or Great Britain or Saudi Arabia does. If free elections were held in Syria tomorrow 90% of Syrians would vote for Assad just as they did in the last elections. All talk about a “civil war” is disinformation. The terrorists fighting the government of Assad did not pick up their weapons in the local Wal-Mart, they were supplied to them by state sponsors of terrorism including the US and Israel.

Now ISIS has the world’s attention and even though it is a product of Israel and the US, ISIS is the enemy. Except for Turkey who steals the oil belonging to the people of Syria and Iraq and indeed has the son of the President of Turkey who is the primary beneficiary of the stolen oil and is directly funding ISIS. And Israel of course who provides weapons and medical care to the terrorists. [Registration required]

Israel has managed to convince both Turkey and Saudi Arabia that they can fight Iran by getting involved in Syria. Turkey and Saudi Arabia have massed ground forces on the border with Syria and appear ready to invade. Turkey has been shelling Syria for the past two days and appears to have sent troops into Syria to help defend the terrorists.

Al Assad is the President of Syria. Syria has a treaty with Russia. Russia has interests there and is in the country at the request of the legal government. Russia has conducted highly effective air strikes against the terrorists when all the US did for over a year was talk about fighting ISIS. Turkey shot down a Russian aircraft conducting an air strike within Syria in November. Turkey claimed the Russian aircraft breeched the border with Turkey for a total of 17 seconds and so they shot them down.

That’s disinformation, or better put, a total lie. I was a fighter pilot in combat. You can’t find, track, and shoot down an aircraft in 17 seconds unless you set them up in an ambush. It takes longer than 17 seconds to make a radar lockup or firing pass.

The most telling part of the action was a video of the terrorists firing a US supplied TOW missile at a Russian MI-8 helicopter attempting to rescue the 2nd pilot and that managed to kill yet another Russian. Have those in the government of United States totally lost their minds? Russia isn’t the enemy of the US. Russia has been incredibly patient with forces of aggression attempting to overthrow the legal government of Syria.

If President Erdogan of Turkey and the King of Saudi Arabia send troops and or aircraft to attack Syria, they risk igniting World War III. At the very least they are going to get their butts kicked. They may well end up turning both Turkey and Saudi Arabia into wind blown deserts with no one alive.

They may meet with success for the first few days in the same way Georgia believed they were successful in their attack on South Ossetia in 2008. Alas, beyond the first few days of apparent success lies only death and destruction for the Turkish and Saudi troops. Even the suggestion that somehow Turkey and Saudi Arabia have the combat experience to take on Russia is so absurd that it may as well be considered a suicide attack. Russia military doctrine supports massive and overwhelming force in the counterattack. Erdogan may well come back to the Presidential Palace one day to find it covered in a sheet of glass six feet thick.

The United States has no strategic interests in Syria. Our best interests would be served by allowing the Syrian people to determine their own fate. Turkey has gone a bridge too far and should be booted from Nato.

I’ve written a book about my six years in the Marine Corps and two years in combat in Vietnam. In that war the US created a false flag operation to get our troops involved in a war we stood no chance of ever winning. I do hope that doesn’t happen again in Syria. There is nothing in Syria worth the lives of any American kids.

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Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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