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Brandon; You Don’t Really Want to Fuck with Putin

Bob Moriarty

Jan 10, 2022

The Neo-Cons and the Military Industrial Complex have had a stranglehold on American foreign policy for over twenty years. They are behind the series of one military disaster after another finishing lately with the Afghanistan debacle just six months ago. The much vaunted and highly expensive US military fought a guerrilla force not ever bigger than a decent size Girl Scout Troop made up of goat and sheepherders. They got their asses kicked. It took twenty years for the generals to determine they lost and should bail out of a $2.3 trillion dollar blunder.

Now they want to fuck with Putin. I spent almost two years in Vietnam flying missions in the F-4B and the O-1 Birddog. I know combat and I know war. If the United States doesn’t back down on Monday, January 10th, 2022 there will be a war. There is an excellent chance it could go nuclear. The US/Nato and the EU are about to get their butts kicked big time.

War was wonderful when all the defense contractors were stealing every penny they could from long suffering taxpayers. Well, they are about to bring the war home. I would be exceptionally surprised if the Russians and Chinese don’t attack first in overwhelming force. War is not quite as much fun when you are the people dying.

For the Russians to insist on the same sort of security that JFK got from the USSR in 1962 seems perfectly reasonable to me. The Russians don’t want American missiles on their border. They will go to war to prevent it. Putin isn’t kidding. Nato either gives Russians a real deal or Nato is going to be the guy in the barrel. I’m told that is no fun at all.

With all the combat I have under my belt, I also understand that there are some people you just never want to fuck with. Putin would be one. He is a Grade-A badass and as serious as a heart attack. 

Today a team runs the United States with the President belonging in an old folks home with a clear case of dementia and a Vice President who was a hooker.

What could possibly go wrong?


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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