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Jericho Energy Goes Green with Hydrogen Power

Bob Moriarty

Jan 24, 2022

Regular readers know that I have been prattling on about a massive market crash for months. I thought it would begin by October; I was a couple of months too early.

It’s here now. Look for a dead cat bounce and then get out of the way. On the good side, we are about to enter the golden age of metals and resource stocks when people wake up to the fact that Tesla and Bitcon really got overblown.

William Casey, former head of the CIA once proclaimed “We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the US public believes is false.”

We are there folks.

Everything you think you know about Covid and the Plandemic; all lies from the government. It was a bad flu caused by a Bioweapons program done in China and paid for by US taxpayers. As early as April of 2020 Fauci, DARPA and the CDC knew that HCQ and Ivermectin were effective treatments for the flu now known as Covid. As early as 2019 Fauci knew that Remdesivir killed 54% of those who died in a 2018/2019-drug trial against Ebola.

If you look at the official numbers in the US, you will see both cases and deaths are about 25% of the world total but with only 4.7% of the world’s population, how would it be possible for America to have five times more deaths than any other country? The answer is simple, only the US used the most dangerous medical treatment for the flu in the world; Remdesivir.

If you had a loved one or friend after treatment for Covid who died in the hospital from kidney failure they didn’t die from Covid. They were killed by the treatment Fauci demanded. They died on behalf of the CDC and NIH requirement that only Remdesivir be used in hospital protocols. On the other hand, the company making the drug and hospitals thought they had won a billion dollar jackpot.

Ukraine and Russia? Again everything you think you know is a lie. The US promised the USSR that after the unification of Germany NATO wouldn’t move an inch to the east. Well, that was and is a lie. It’s not Ukraine surrounded by hostile forces, it’s Russia. And Russia demands that NATO not adopt Ukraine under the perfectly reasonable demand that offensive missiles not be installed right on their border. Isn’t that exactly what JFK wanted in 1962?

Likewise with what you have been told about green energy. It’s not particularly green and it is not a magic bullet.

  1. Limits set by physics allow a max conversion of light into electrons of about 33%. Cells exist today that will convert 26%.
  2. Wind turbines can only capture about 60% of the energy in wind. Current turbines capture about 45% now.
  3. It would take sixty pounds of batteries to store the energy of one pound of oil.
  4. It would take one hundred pounds of oil to fabricate enough battery to store the energy of one pound of oil.
  5. China’s 70% coal powered electrical system would cause more CO2 to be created when producing EVs than the oil burning engines they would replace.

Wind turbine blades cannot be recycled. World wide a big problem is being created in trying to figure out how to dispose of worn out blades. There is a big field near Paris littered with hundreds of EVs bought by the government years ago in an effort to “Go Green.” Eventually the lithium batteries used all their cycles and wore out. New batteries to replace them would cost more than the original cost of the vehicles. And the batteries cannot be economically recycled.

Electric vehicles aren’t particularly rational from an economic point of view unless the government subsidizes their cost. So low-income taxpayers end up paying for EVs for rich people. Solar and wind power have their own limits and as the demand for battery storage increases, so will the cost of the inputs.

Jericho Energy has a better idea in a field filled with fraud and broken promises. Jericho focuses on the hydrogen area of the market as a publically traded high tech project generator and incubator for hydrogen use and creation projects.

It’s a hell of a lot bigger and better than most investors realize. Bank of America forecasts that hydrogen could produce twenty four percent of total global energy needs in thirty years with as much as $11 trillion required in investment opportunities. Jericho is investing in a variety of companies all based around hydrogen.

To produce “clean” hydrogen you must split water (composed of hydrogen and oxygen) via a device named an electrolyzer. Up until now one of the primary flaws in electrolyzer design was in the limits of membranes in the device to withstand high pressure. Jericho Energy has provided a lead investment of $1.78 million in a company named Supercritical Solutions, which the company intends to use to support advancing their disruptive electrolyzer technology. They just released that information on January 18th.

The existing market today for industrial hydrogen use is already $120 billion. Hydrogen is required for ammonia production necessary for the fertilizer market and for oil refining. Less than 1% of current hydrogen production today is currently “clean” which offers a potential market for electrolyzers eight hundred times its current size.

Jericho’s foray into the electrolyzer market is part of a multi-part plan. They have a wholly owned subsidiary named Hydrogen Technologies that has a patented and scalable boiler powered by hydrogen and oxygen.

Virtually every factory or large building will have a steam boiler hidden away in its bowels using fossil fuel to produce steam for heat to be used in processing or the production of electricity. Few investors know this but steam boilers are everywhere.

Jericho’s zero-emission, 97% efficient patented closed loop system combines hydrogen and oxygen to produce water as it burns. Hydrogen produces no radiant energy since it burns in the ultraviolet spectrum therefore there is no typical combustion exhaust.

37% of fossil fuels burned in industry are used to produce steam. The commercial and industrial heating market is a $28 billion market in the US. Worldwide heating and steam markets produce 15% of all CO2 emissions. Government policies to reduce sales of new fossil based boilers will encourage the transition to more efficient steam plants.

In late November Jericho announced a project with Bruichladdich Distillery where they have teamed up with a leading UK based green energy firm named Protium to install the world’s first zero-emission closed hydrogen powered boiler at the brewery. The consortium was given a $3.5 million USD award to move the project forward from the UK government after winning the Green Distilleries Competition.

While solar energy, wind farms and Electric Vehicles garner the majority of press discussing Green Energy, in my view they remain feel-good 3% solutions. To crack water into a usable clean fuel and then combine that with a real world solution such as replacement of tens of millions of fossil fuel powered boilers with high performance zero emission hydrogen powered self-contained boilers represents a rational and economically valid solution.

For investors putting money into a venture capital and project incubator platform for hydrogen offers incredible opportunity for returns. The company has a number of high net worth investors who have put a lot of money into the company at above market prices.

Jericho Energy was about $1.20 a share a year ago yet has met major opportunities in the last couple of months and still dropped 50%. I believe the correction is over, tax loss silly season is over for sure and the price is going to soon reflect the very real potential the company now offers.

I was an investor in Jericho years ago. I have always been a giant fan of their management and direction. I really like where they are headed now.

Jericho Energy is an advertiser so naturally I am biased. Do look at their presentation, it goes in to far more detail than I can in a short piece and do your own due diligence.

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