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Peak Stupidity Will Lead to Market Crash

Bob Moriarty

Jun 23, 2021

    1. Beeple sold an NFT for $69 million
    2. Brooklyn artist is selling audio clip of a FART for $89 to cash in on NFT cryptocurrency craze
    3. New Zealand houseplant sells for $19,200 in online bidding war
    4. Italian Artist Sells Invisible Sculpture For Real Money ($18,000)
    5. Iconic “Doge” meme breaks record, selling for $4 million
    6. Why Is Dogecoin Going Up? Dogecoin Reaches Close To Peak Price Again On May 3 And May 4 ($89 Billion)
    7. Virtual Real Estate Plot In Blockchain Based 'Decentraland' Sells For $1 Million As NFT

I did an interview with Robert Sinn a few days back. Then this video came out essentially tracking the same time line. He may well have done a better job of saying what will happen than I did. But I do believe that like 2008 and March of 2020 that gold, silver and mining stocks will tumble before reaching his predictions, perhaps this year.

Stock Market Melt-Up Followed By 80% Crash THIS YEAR | David Hunter (PT1)

From the high in the Dow in early September of 1929 at 381.17, the market declined into late October 1929 when it clearly crashed. The drop continued until early July of 1932 when it touched a low of 41.22. That was an 89% decline.

It’s going to happen again. Investors couldn’t possibly get any dumber than they are today.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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