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Gladiator Continues to Deliver High Grade Copper in the Yukon    

Bob Moriarty

May 13, 2024

I’m a contrarian. I love boring markets. Copper is within spitting distance of the all-time high in March of 2022. The loudest sound you can hear in any brokerage firm would be that of snoring investors.

Too many investors waste their time listening to GURUs and experts. There are none. If you are not capable of looking at the price and demand for copper at an all time high and realizing that at some point other investors might want to own some, you need to be investing in the Cliptocurrencies where you can evaporate your hard-earned fortune in a day or two.

I’ve written about Gladiator (GLAD-V) a number of times in the past. It is one of the most attractive copper projects I know of. Management at the company has put together a numbers of land positions near Whitehorse in the Yukon. The core positions were once owned and operated by Hudbay Minerals but stopped production when copper went through the floor. Hudbay was in production from 1967 until 1982 processing 10 million tonnes at an average of 1.5% copper.

Management has slowly but surely assembled the package into a district scale copper/gold project with thirty potential targets within the 35 km by 5 km package.

Gladiator is well cashed up for a 10,000-meter drill program for 2024. They still have thousands of meters of untested core waiting for assay results but in a pleasant surprise to the company there appears to be a decent gold mineralization in what is primarily a copper/moly project to even pay the cost of mining and milling.

Gladiator released drill results on the 8th of May showing excellent results from the program at the high-grade Chiefs project. The best intercept was 20.44 meters of 2.17 percent copper with 0.34 g/t Au. At today’s price for gold that would add about $40 to the inground metal value for the intercept. That wouldn’t be far off paying the freight for mining and milling. When Hudbay was mining they never sampled for gold because the price of gold was so low. So, management of Gladiator had a pleasant surprise when they saw the results.

The 2024 program calls for about 10,000 meters of drilling. Assays have been received for twenty holes for about 3,500 meters. Results will continue to flow in for months.

Gladiator has as a partner and significant investor the drill company that conducted much of the drilling at the Whitehorse Copper project over the past twenty years. The company is an important part of the local community and has considerable government support.

Resources of all sorts are starting to wake up. With copper near an all-time high price, perhaps it is time for investors to look at a solid project with a known mining history with good local support in an important mining jurisdiction. Gladiator has engaged a large marketing company to expand their information reach and you will be hearing a lot more about them as time goes by.

Gladiator is an advertiser. I have participated in private placements in the past and bought shares in the open market. Naturally I am biased so I encourage interested investors to look through their excellent website.

Gladiator Metals
GLAD-V $.45 (May 10, 2024)
GDTRF-OTCBB 44.3 million shares
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Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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