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Defense Metals in the Right Spot at the Right Time

Bob Moriarty

May 18, 2020

I have been remiss in not doing much in the way of writing about resource opportunities for a couple of reasons. Obviously the Corona Virus issue has been at the forefront of most people’s attention. But also I was saying for years that a depression was coming and wise people would prepare in advance.

About the virus. Every day it looks more and more like some sort of scam by Bill Gates, the Deep State and Dr. Fauci representing the interests of big Pharma. Obviously the Chinese were lying about how many people died in China. They sought to understate the number killed. But the US is just as much a liar, in the opposite direction.

I make the point in my books that perfectly ordinary people can figure out what is really going on simply by asking the right questions. As of this morning as I write the Johns Hopkins graphic shows that according to their official numbers, the US represents 31.7% of all the cases in the world. Now since the US only has about 4% of the world’s population, it would be quite impossible for us to have eight times as many infected as the rest of the world per capita.

Looking into it deeper, we find that in Colorado officials reported that a man who died with a blood alcohol content of .55% was killed by the virus. Given that the legal limit is .08% he would have died of alcohol poisoning once he passed .30%. He drank enough to keep a boatload of sailors soused for an entire weekend. If anything, that much booze would have killed every virus of any kind within a four-mile radius.

San Diego reported that 194 of their people died of the virus. It took an honest official to reveal that only 6 of those 194 actually died of the virus. The rest tested positive but died of strokes, heart attacks and other events. Even the CDC admits that their results for those having the virus at death are five times higher than actually being killed by the virus. Donald Trump wants to be the biggest and the best at everything. How the CDC reports deaths and the virus certainly qualifies.

Meanwhile in Texas medical authorities said that a 22-week preemie died of the virus but failed to mention that babies born at 22 weeks never survive. That baby did not die from the virus.

Bill Gates and big Pharma want to tag and bag you with a vaccine that may or may not even work but will put billions of dollars into someone’s pockets. Hopefully his. During the Swine Flu fiasco, the vaccine killed more people than the flu did. There are reports out today that if you have been vaccinated against the ordinary flu you have a 36% higher chance of catching the Corona Virus. Even the CDC admits lying about deaths from the flu to encourage vaccinations.

It’s a stretch to imagine how a worldwide panic over a flu would have any sort of a positive impact on any junior resource stock but actually there is a company that may have just hit the jackpot as a result.

As a direct result of the Chinese literally shutting down their entire economy for a couple of months in response to the Corona Virus, the single source supply chains for nearly everything China produces were utterly broken. For some commodities such as rare earths required for specialty metals and military purposes, it was a giant wake up call.

Now I am not a believer that China or Russia for that matter are enemies of the United States. I believe that the MIC needs monsters to slay to justify the US taxpayers funding half the military expenses in the entire world. But having China as a sole source for anything is stupid and beyond stupid for metals so critical to the functioning of our economy as Rare Earths.

I’ve done articles in the past on Defense Metals. The share price is up 50% in the last six months and still cheap. They have made wonderful progress and just announced on the 13th a major addition to their 43-101 resources at Wicheeda in central British Columbia. The resource showed a 49% increase in tonnage and a 30% increase in average grade. It was economic before and I showed the numbers in the December piece. It is much more economic today.

The US realizes that a safe and secure supply of Rare Earths from outside China is mandatory. The Federal Government has already defined Rare Earths as critical resources. A bill in Congress today calls for changing the tax deductions for mining companies in the US of Rare Earths and creates a $50 million fund to help junior companies out. That’s just in the US but one day soon they will figure out that the US just doesn’t have much in the way of REE but Canada has a bunch.

We are in a depression. I’ve said it was coming for years. As long ago as a year ago I was saying it would start in October. It actually began a month early and became obvious to everyone in March. But the vast majority of people think it is somehow connected with the Corona Virus. It is not. It was coming any way with or without a bad flu season. The Corona Virus just made everything speed up. Now the majority of investors think that as soon as the quarantine ends, the economy recovers. That’s not going to happen any time in the next fifteen years. It is the greatest depression in history because we have the greatest debt load in all of recorded history.

We will have the most massive wealth transfer that has ever taken place from those unprepared to those who are prepared. My readers are prepared and will see rewards such as they have never dreamed possible. We are going to have deflation and hyperinflation at the same time. When the government gets tired of being stupid, we will declare a debt jubilee and go back to honest money. Eighteen months later the economy will recover.

Defense Metals is an advertiser. I have bought shares in the open market and in various private placements. That makes me biased so I request readers do their own due diligence.

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