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Figures Don’t Lie but Inca Kola Does

Bob Moriarty

Sep 9, 2020

Mark Turner AKA Inca Kola likes to point out the frauds and liars in the mining business. He’s good at it because he has so much experience staring down a conman in the mirror as he shaves.

He posted this chart showing what happens to fools that invest in silver. Certainly you can make the case that the figure doesn’t lie. It’s a chart.

(Click on images to enlarge)

But Mark Turner does lie.

This is the real chart since March when silver went below $12 and rocketed higher to just short of $30 in five months. That is a 150% advance, one of the greatest moves in silver history.

Turner was mocking anyone investing in silver all the way up.

Now he thinks you are so stupid that you don’t understand he took a chart of a whole week and acts like that is what silver has done for the last twenty years.

It’s one week. You could do the same thing either up or down with any investment in the world. It’s a fucking lie on his part and an insult to his pitiful readers.

In one of the most ironic quotes I have read in years he just said,

“Personally, I respect all races, religions and creeds and so does this humble corner of cyberspace. No worries at all about your beliefs as long as you are a nice person, it's really not that difficult.”

That’s very funny. He is an evil person. He hates everyone and if anyone posted anything as stupid as the silver chart he posted above he would shove it up their ass for the next year.

Do not hold your breath until he apologizes for insulting those who bought silver when it was cheap or his poor readers. He hates them too.

He has all the right in the world to be humble, he earned it. But he needs a lot more practice. He is the most despised person in mining for a reason. He’s an asshole.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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