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Never Hunt Mosquitos with a Shotgun

Bob Moriarty

Feb 21, 2022

For game birds and small game, shotguns ranging in size from a tiny .410 to a ginormous ten gauge can be quite effective. For those who have actually tried, it seems possible that you can kill mosquitos with a shotgun.

However it is not a great idea because while it may work, you end up doing far more damage to the cat, your kids and the walls of your house in a futile effort to defeat a mosquito.

Mosquitos are an irritation. So are protestors. But mosquitos are by their very nature an irritation. So it is with protestors. They want to be a giant pain in the ass until someone listens to their complaints.

Justin Trudeau and his government don’t think it is worth their time to listen to anyone objecting to how they govern. The protests have gone on for three weeks across Canada but focused on Ottawa. Since the protestors wouldn’t go home Trudeau made up his mind to destroy them and the rule of law in Canada at the same time.

I’m an American. I watched in horror a year ago as the BLM and ANTIF burned cities to the ground with dozens of dead and billions of dollars worth of damage to infrastructure. The government of California, Washington and Oregon did nothing. My most memorable vision was when a MSM mouthpiece stood in front of a burning building and talked about the “mostly peaceful protests.”

The Canadian protestors were peaceful, lawful, didn’t shoot anyone, and didn’t burn any buildings down. They just wanted to be heard.

So Trudeau didn’t use a shotgun to kill a mosquito.


It was worse. He used a hand grenade to kill a mosquito. I’m sure it was effective.

Trudeau’s invocation of the Emergencies Act for the very first time reminds me of Hitler’s use of the Enabling Act of 1933 where the government passed laws allowing them to remove all civil protections from anyone daring to disagree with actions of the government. Basically it handed all power to the government.

When Trudeau announced the Emergencies Act he made it clear that it was temporary and would be used for only thirty days. The Emergencies Act was not passed by the legislature; there was no debate and no vote. Only the cabinet and Trudeau enabled it.

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland has made it clear that she will use the temporary power granted to her to seize bank accounts from protestors and even those who legally donated money for the support of the truckers. She of course is the granddaughter of a Ukrainian Nazi collaborator so has vast experience with advancing the Nazi agenda.

She also casually mentioned that some of the provisions of the Emergencies Act would be made permanent in much the same way as the Enabling Act.

The over reaction of the Trudeau regime to the peaceful protests across Canada are just a small part of a far more important issue.

While Trudeau may wear the cloak of being the PM, he is nothing but a sock puppet for Klaus Schwab and his plan for turning the majority of people in the world into slaves by 2030. “You will own nothing. You will owe nothing. You will be happy.” We know that is true, have you ever seen a slave who claimed to be unhappy?

We are at the most critical point in world history. The next few weeks will determine our future. Is it freedom and democracy or is it chains and slavery?

There is the greatest dichotomy between what we are told and what we can actually view with our own two eyes in all of history. Governments and the media aren’t lying about a few things or most things. They are lying about everything.

Let’s look at Covid with the knowledge gained in two years.

  1. It was a bad flu not worthy of mass hysteria. Yes, Covid kills. The flu has always killed.
  2. The “we need to lock down for two weeks to flatten the curve” turned into two years and didn’t work anyway.
  3. Masks don’t work. Even the CDC now admits. If masks worked so well, why is Covid still around?
  4. Social distancing is meaningless and has never been shown to have any effect on the transmission of Covid.
  5. The PCR tests never worked, they generated an absurdly high number of false positives. A prior cold would show the same results as any flu. The CDC finally killed the use of the test at the end of 2021.
  6. The CDC admitted that 94% of people, who died, died “with” Covid, not “of” covid. Since the tests generated incorrect results all of the numbers released by the government as to deaths were meaningless.
  7. The CDC admitted in April of 2020 that both HCQ and Ivermectin were effective anti-viral medications. Since that killed the legal justification for any EUA for the “vaccine” the CDC retracted the information from public view.
  8. The “vaccines” don’t work and in fact may increase the chance of someone coming down with Covid. The most vaccinated countries in the world have the most cases of Covid.
  9. Excessive death rates shown in statistics coming from the insurance and health industry show that in the last year, the number of excess deaths over what has always been a stable and predictable rate, are up a remarkable 40% year over year. The jabs not only don’t work, they are killing those who took the shots in the millions already. It is now impossible to ignore the damage from the shots unless you have your head in the sand.

But Klaus Schwab is using the Covid mob hysteria to advance his sick agenda of The Great Reset. Trudeau, Macron and Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand are all part of the Young Global Leaders who Schwab has indoctrinated into advancing his Great Reset plan for mass global slavery.

We have a similar break between what we can see with our own eyes and what we are told from government and the mass media with the truckers' protest in Canada. According to the media, it is some right wing racist gathering of Trump supporters intending to overthrow government in Canada. But for anyone who has watched the hundreds of videos of the convoy driving into Ottawa, it is clearly a movement of ordinary Canadians tired of having their freedom stolen from them by a prime minister and legislature clearly tone deaf and out of control.

When Canadians protest, it is peaceful. The only thing Canadians ever riot for would be a hockey game. Trudeau has called the truckers and supporters every name in the book including insulting a Jewish member of the legislature by suggesting she was a Nazi flag waving radical.

The media says one thing but with our own eyes we can clearly see an entirely different movement asking, indeed, demanding their government change course. Who will win? The police are even more out of control than Trudeau. Anyone who even contributed to the truckers not only had their names passed on to the media, they are subject to having their financial assets seized for doing something that was perfectly legal when they did it.

When does adult leadership in the legal system in Canada or the Military step in and realize what Trudeau and Schwab are turning their country into?

The ongoing Ukraine/Russia saga is another mass media charade where 100% of what we are told is a lie.

In 2014 the US spent $5 billion dollars overthrowing the legally elected government of Ukraine in a coup because the elected government leaned toward Russia rather than toward the bankrupt and corrupt to the gills EU. The Donbass region of Eastern Ukraine that is virtually all Russian voted 96% to rejoin Russia and fighting took place.

By 2016 Ukraine, France, Germany, the UK and Russia realized it was a meaningless conflict and they agreed in the Minsk II agreement that the government of Ukraine would deal directly with Donbass in the future to settle disputes. To date, Ukraine has refused to talk to Donbass. It is not Russia behind the conflict; it is the US, Nato and their sock puppets in Ukraine.

Last fall the Ukrainian government was pushed by the US and Nato to mass their troops on the border of Donbass in preparation for an invasion to restore the region to Ukraine. In response Russia has mobilized their troops to their border. Russia responded to the actions of Ukraine, not the other way around.

Now Ukraine has been shelling Donbass for nearly a week but the media and Nato insist Russia has invaded. Russia hasn’t invaded anyone and it is the government of Ukraine that has been the aggressor all along. None of which you will read in the media. All you get from the media is lies.

This is a conflict between the elites of Davos and Klaus Schwab and the remaining mass of the 99% coming to a head. It is a coup d’état on the part of the elites in an effort to destroy democracy, freedom and the rule of law. The mass media has clearly proven to the world how they support tyranny.

A dozen countries in the world have realized that after two years of lies from governments, Big Pharma and the media, it is time to learn to live with what is nothing more than a bad flu. The truckers' requests for the Canadian government to back off their draconian rules are perfectly reasonable.

Likewise, it is perfectly reasonable for Russia to object to having offensive nuclear missiles right on their border in exactly the same way John F Kennedy did with Cuba in 1962. The Ukraine is not worth starting World War III over even if the Military Industrial Complex sees war as an opportunity.

The next couple of weeks will determine the future of the world. Is it freedom or will the monsters take over under Klaus Schwab.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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