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Moriarty’s First Law of Unintended Consequences

Bob Moriarty

Dec 7, 2022

I’ve noted over the years that when governments are faced with what could be a long-term problem, they respond with a strictly short-term solution that not only fails to address the problem, the unintended consequences nearly always compound the original issue. I addressed what I considered at the time to be the dumbest geopolitical “solution” in history on March 1st.

While the EU, Nato and the US were holding a victory lap over the clueless Russians with imposition of the sanctions the value of the Ruble plunged from seventy-five to the dollar just prior to the war to a high of one hundred thirty-five to the dollar by March 7th. Of course the war started on February 24th. I posted my piece on the 1st of March when no one had actually reflected on any potential boomerang effects from the sanctions while it was clear to me that while aimed squarely at Russia and Putin it was suicide for Nato, the EU and the US.

It turned out that I was correct and since early March the Ruble was the highest gaining currency for the year soaring to sixty-two to the dollar by today. The sanctions helped Russia and are destroying the EU.

Then the US bombed the four Nord Stream pipelines. Don’t let anyone confuse you. That’s highly controlled water and air space. The Swedes and the Danish know about the USS Kearsarge floating around the area of the pipeline just prior to the attack and they are well aware of the P-8 flying non-stop from the US to drop torpedoes. The EU has turned into a kennel of lapdogs for the US. No one in Europe is allowed to make any independent decisions for themselves.

In an incredibly tone deaf statement by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken he remarked after the pipeline attack, which failed in its mission to totally destroy the four pipelines, the attack resulted in a “tremendous opportunity” for the US. Recently French President Macron made an official state visit to the US and while attempting to discuss the issue with the official ventriloquist dummy sleeping in the White House he remarked that while the US Secretary of State sees it as a tremendous opportunity, the French have to pay six times more for natural gas bought from the US than Americans have to pay.

In an overheard comment made by Macron to his wife as they climbed the stairs to their aircraft, he commented, “Well that was a fucking waste of time. Who would have imagined they would serve Big Macs and Coca Cola at a state dinner because they wanted us to appreciate American cuisine?”

So this week the EU voted additional sanctions on Russia since they were so effective in the past at harming the EU. They added a ceiling of $60 a barrel on Russian oil that they aren’t allowed to buy. At any time in the past it would be just another series of stupid actions by the leadership pigmies of the EU. However, when it would be obvious to a monkey with an IQ of seven with severe brain damage that all of the sanctions imposed since February have failed to hurt Russia and certainly have hurt the EU you just have to wonder at this new version of seppuku.

Someone sent me an interesting article talking about the potential impact of this incredible decision. While I totally agree the impact is going to be huge, I suspect it will take a different path than the author of that piece believes.

Washington DC is filled with people who make two basic mistakes. One is that they talk to each other. The other is that they listen to each other. It’s like a five-year-old child at the beach who picks up a conch shell and puts it to his ear. He is convinced he is hearing the ocean. But he is not. Washington DC is a giant echo chamber.

Putin has made it perfectly clear that anyone voting for or following the sanctions and a price ceiling on oil will never buy oil from Russia again. If the US and all the pack of attack poodles ever listened to what he said, there would not have been a war threatening nuclear holocaust.

All Putin and OPEC have to do to shut down the world economy faster than the light leaving a room after you flip the switch off is close off two to three million barrels of oil a day and the world stops. Now that would show Putin just who the boss really is.

Joe Biden has nothing at all to do with running the Biden administration. The Biden administration is really the Obama third term run by Avril Haines, Victoria Nuland and Susan Rice. They are all dedicated Neocons determined to destroy the United States and doing a wonderful job of it.

One day soon Putin is going to tire of the EU, Nato and the US fucking with him. If the sanctions imposed in February were stupid and self destructive, the latest fiasco is stupidity squared. There will be unintended consequences.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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