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What Goes Around in Ukraine, Comes Around

Bob Moriarty

Jan 25, 2023

I’ve written a number of times about how Zelensky actually understood they had lost the war soon after Russia invaded. He sought a peace agreement and a return to the lines prior to February 24th. And I have stated that Zelensky had been threatened by the Nazis, they are the people who really control the government, who told him they would kill him should he come to terms with the Russians.

In early March one of the peace negotiators was shot and killed supposedly as he was being arrested by the agents of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the security service. In corrupt states, being killed while resisting arrest often means execution in cold blood. The story was at best confusing and soon dropped by the western media. Two associates of Denis Kireev were also killed. I have no doubt they all resisted arrest at the same time.

Perhaps the Ministry of Internal Affairs was showing Zelensky just how far they were willing to go to prevent a peace agreement with Russia. Or it was the Azov Regiment/Battalion who whacked Kireev and his associates?

What goes around in Ukraine comes around.

On January 18th the Interior Minister and his closest staff were killed in a helicopter crash in an eastern suburb of Kyiv crashing into a building on top of a nursery killing eighteen people in total. Some reports suggest the aircraft was on fire while still in the air.

If it was on fire while still in the air, it was shot down. And since there are no Russian forces anywhere near Kyiv, perhaps an American MANPAD was used. Wouldn’t it be wonderfully ironic if the Azov unit used a Stinger missile sent to Ukraine to shoot down Russian aircraft to eliminate their bosses all at the same time? The Interior Minister reportedly was investigating the Azov units for corruption.

Ukraine was long known as being the most corrupt country in Europe right up until February 24th when the country became an adjacent unit of the Vatican but a lot holier.

At the same time the Democrats were hosting an impeachment party for President Trump for suggesting that Ukraine do an investigation into their massive corruption. Including of course their bribing the then Vice President of the US Joe Biden. Which is not really a big deal. The Chinese and Russians were bribing him as well. It was all on Hunter Biden’s laptop that the FBI has had in their possession for three years.

Victoria Nuland bragged about the US tossing five billion down the Ukraine rat hole in 2013 for “Democracy.” That means a lot of that five billion went into the laundromat and came out in the election campaigns of Democrats. No wonder the Democrats wanted to stop any investigation into their crimes.

And given the hundred plus billion gratefully given by the US and the kennel of Nato lapdogs into Ukraine just in the last year the Democrats have enough ready cash to fund election fraud for the next hundred years.

The corruption has to be seen to be believed.

France sent eighteen of the 155 MM Caesar self-propelled guns to Ukraine in 2022 at a cost of $7.5 million apiece. That is about twenty-five percent of all their army owns. Soon after, the Russians purchased one of the guns for the bargain basement price of $250,000 from the Ukrainians.

The corruption has gotten so out of control that even the Ukrainians realized some heads need to roll. So they announced on Tuesday January 24th that a dozen high level officials got the chop.

I'm shocked, shocked, to find that corruption is going on in here.

Meanwhile on the front lines at Bakhmut the slaughter of a thousand or so Ukrainian soldiers goes on every day. Something is about to break big time. Ukraine has lost hundreds of thousands of troops killed and wounded. The Polish jumped in and got their butts kicked. The US has wet dreams about sending in US troops to get killed.

I forget. What was this all about? Oh yes, Putin wanted secure borders like John F Kennedy did in 1962. And the US wants to destroy Russia. What a brilliant idea.

What could possibly go wrong?

Other than 340 million dead Americans.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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