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The Pentagon’s Latest Terrorist Victim: Germany

Bob Moriarty

Oct 10, 2022

Selecting the Pentagon to run your war after the $2.3 trillion twenty-year debacle in Afghanistan is like Zelensky picking Hunter Biden as his new drug czar because of his vast experience. Frankly if I was going to run a war I wouldn’t pick any of those blithering idiots from the Pentagon. Those at the top hold their positions because of their color, their sexual preference or what is or isn’t between their legs. They get medals for attendance, not victory in battle.

Americans fight wars to fight wars. Russians fight wars to win peace.

Seriously do you want your team led by a senile old man wearing diapers who talks to dead people and thinks a crack head is the smartest person he knows? Alternatively his backup screwed her way into political power and her backup is a barely functioning drunk.

Overnight on September 26th the United States flew a P-8 aircraft nonstop from the US overhead the NS I and NS II pipelines. Most probably they dropped multiple aerial torpedoes from about 10,000 feet to attack the four different pipes making up the two pipelines.

The pipelines had been prepared for the attack probably by aircraft flying off the USS Kearsarge. Since it appears the USS Kearsarge and her aircraft left the area before the torpedo attack, I would suspect the MH-60s would have attached some sort of underwater transponders on the pipelines.

How do I know the US did the attack?

Well, other than the fact that Europe is highly controlled airspace, you don’t just fly in and around with no one knowing what you are doing. The Swedes would know who did the attack. The Danes would know who did the attack. At least the Danes are honest enough to call it an act of terrorism. The fact that the Swedes and the Danes are silent about who did the deed tells you just who did it.

But the most telling argument for the US having attacked Germany in an act of incredible stupidity is the fact they fucked it up. After all, if you get your ass kicked by a rag tag group of sheepherders and goat farmers while you piss $2.3 trillion away and are forced out of town at gunpoint you are not a candidate for the best and the brightest. More like a candidate for the Darwin Awards.

There were four pipes. The intent was to blow all four up so Germany would not be tempted to think about how stupid they were being.

After all there is no real energy problem in Europe that wasn’t a product of their own ignorance and foolishness. At any time in the last seven months the German Chancellor could have realized that no matter how much damage Germany would love to do to Putin, Germany got the short end of the stick. All Germany had to do to end the fuel “crisis” would be to turn on the NS II.

Most of the bonehead fools running the EU have yet to realize something so simple that it defies imagination that they don’t get it.

Europe needs Russia.

In fact, Europe cannot survive without natural resources from Russia.

The sociopaths in control of Europe all the way down from Klaus Schwab on down are destroying Europe. Rather than simply dropping the sanctions that hurt them far more than Russia they have already committed to spending a remarkable $1.6 trillion to ease the pain of EU energy consumers. No doubt the consumers will eventually realized they are going to have to pay back that $1.6 trillion one way or another.

In a debt based system, short-term reactions seem more important than long-term consequences. The US wants to sell high price natural gas in the form of LNG to Europe. Instead of competing on a fair basis the US has been putting the screws to Europe for years to stop depending on gas from their next door neighbor when they could buy higher priced gas from the US. That’s all well and good but it will take years for both the US and the EU to pay for and construct facilities for handling LNG in the quantity the EU especially Germany needs.

So why not blow up the pipe line and force the issue? Which is exactly what the US has done. But while ending the pipeline may stop the flow of gas from Russia, just what is Europe supposed to do in the two to three years it takes for an alternative supply?

There is civil disorder against the stupidity of NATO and the sanctions right now in Europe. Americans naturally won’t be informed as a result of the total control of the media by the WEF. This year we will have disorder and perhaps revolutions in Europe. Next year we will have total chaos as Europe turns into a 3rd world shithole with sky-high taxes and hyperinflation.

All due to their own stupidity.

So what does Germany do now? They could turn on the remaining pipe of the NS II tomorrow. The US doesn’t dare try another terrorist attack else there would be a hundred TicTok videos on the web ten minutes later with full details of the aircraft involved and photos of the pilots with the addresses of their significant others.

The Democrats and WEF are getting desperate. The mid-term elections are in three weeks. Should the Republicans take the house and senate the data from the Hunter Biden laptop indicates that as Vice-President Joe Biden was taking bribes from both the Chinese and Ukraine. There are not enough dead people in US cemeteries to give the Democrats this election. It will be interesting to see what they come up with next.

Europe needs Russia.

But Russia does not need Europe.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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