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Bob Hits the Big Time, Booted Off YouTube for Thinking

Bob Moriarty

Jun 21, 2021

When I was a kid, I was so skinny that I had to run around in the shower just to get wet. I can still remember being 75 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal when in the eighth grade and we were choosing up sides for a baseball game. I was a midget and always last to be picked. It hurt my feelings to be the last picked.

Likewise when Jack Dorsey showed the world just how big his dick was by booting the President of the US off Twitter, I was hurt.

It wasn’t because of Twitter or Facebook or any of the other social media companies. Barb and I were smart enough twenty years ago to understand that we didn’t want to put those idiots in charge of our financial future or fortunes. We never participated in any way in social media. Good for us, lots of people who did found themselves with the short end of the stick when those companies began to dictate what you could and couldn’t say on a site.

So I have heard of many websites of various persuasions that found themselves on the outside of the candy store looking in through the glass after they offended some twenty-five year old woke fool poking away at a computer working for one of the social media companies in California.

It couldn’t happen to us but at the same time I felt exactly the same way I did in the eighth grade and was last to be picked for baseball. I was being left out. It seemed to me like everyone I knew was being demonetized or simply booted from where they were counting on making money. Except for me.

Last week I made the big time after doing a radio interview with Jay Taylor on Tuesday. Jay posted the piece on YouTube and sent me a link.

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Jay understood that the work might not stand the test of time since I had offended the powers that be once before by speaking truth in another interview. Sure enough after a few hours YouTube awarded me the kiss of death.

Here is what YouTube found so offensive that it felt that Americans couldn’t handle hearing. If you want to download the show entirely you can go here.

  1. Fauci has been lying for 16 months about his knowledge of the Wuhan Lab and the origin of the Wuhan flu. As it turns out he was funding “Gain of Function” research at the lab to the tune of over $39 million from the DOD. Gain of Function work of course had been outlawed in the US since 2015 so he just sent it to the Chinese and funded their work. The only purpose of Gain of Function is to make a pathogen more deadly. The laboratory did work with bats, again contrary to his testimony. Another prominent researcher emailed him in January of 2020 and told him the virus didn’t look natural.
  2. The PCR test is meaningless when used with over 27 replications or cycles. Here is what that means. Two to the 2nd power is four. Two to the 3rd power is eight. Two to the 4th power is sixteen. Likewise, 27 cycles means two to the 27th power. That’s a big number. The accuracy of the test goes to near zero. The CDC suggests the PCR test use 40 cycles. There is somewhere between 40 and 90% false positives generated. So when people talk about someone being asymptomatic it means they have no symptoms of the flu. That’s because the test is flawed and they don’t have the flu in the first place.
  3. The hospitals were paid directly by the Federal Government to treat Covid patients. So they were quite happy to pretend that people with medical issues who tested positive because the test procedure was flawed didn’t actually have the flu. And anyone dying of gunshot wounds, or automobile accidents or heart attacks or strokes or alcohol poisoning were all tossed into the “Covid” category when they never had the flu in the first place. Because the hospitals made more money that way.
  4. We knew reports surfaced in the spring of 2020 that HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine) was an effective treatment for the now renamed Covid flu. Many recent studies indicate mortality can be reduced by as much as 65% with use of HCQ. But because Trump mentioned HCQ as treatment, Fauci and the media immediately attacked anyone saying the same thing, including thousands of doctors who were treating real patients. By pure coincidence you could buy HCQ over the counter in France until it was outlawed in January of 2020. Someone didn’t want it used to treat the flu.
  5. We learned in the summer of 2020 that a common animal anti-parasite drug used in billions of doses yearly all over the world called Ivermectin did also provide immediate relief to those who in fact had the flu. If you mention HCQ or Ivermectin in connection with the Covid, social media Czars will remove you and ban you on a permanent basis.
  6. Sixteen months of data from those who came down with the flu shows that those most at risk were the elderly, the obese, and those with low levels of Vitamin D. We can’t do anything about people being old or being obese in the short-term but raising Vitamin D levels to a more healthy number is both simple and cheap. Even Fauci was honest enough to admit that common Vitamin D was valuable to take. In addition it helps to take zinc supplements to help the Vitamin D get into the right places. And the reason seasonal flus decrease in the spring is as simple as people spend more time in the sun and as a result get more natural Vitamin D.
  7. During the summer of 2020 Trump suggested that a vaccine (it’s not actually a vaccine, it’s actually an untested gene therapy) would be available as early as by the end of 2020. He was mocked by the Main Steam Media and the rest of the Ministry of Truth as well as Dr Fauci. The election took place on November 3rd. The first so-called vaccine was released on the 6th of November.

If I was an evil government and wanted to commit an act of mass bioterrorism I would create a flu, not a particularly deadly flu, but one to scare the mob with. Where it gets really deadly is forcing people to take an experimental MRna drug that has never been successfully tested in animals.

Social media companies are a form of public utilities. The idea that some 25 year-old kid should have the right to censor everyone from the President of the US down is simply absurd. Unless you want to create a totalarian state where every citizen is told what and how to think.

We are well on the way to a path to a Totalitarian democracy.

We need to break the social media giants into little tiny manageable bits.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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