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Swiss Gold

Bob Moriarty
Nov 20, 2014

One of our advertisers better known for having a $108 million dollar project in Wyoming also has a major gold exploration story in Switzerland. Of course Switzerland is on the minds of gold bugs as a result of the upcoming vote on Swiss Gold.

While Switzerland is not home to any gold mines, it is a mining country with over 2000 kilometers of tunnels for both rail and highways. Just west of NV Gold’s property, the Swiss are in the process of constructing a 57 km AlpTransit tunnel. The Sedrun tunnel project employs over 500 miners. The tunnel opens in June of 2016. Obviously the miners will be looking for work after that.

NV Gold owns 100% of the district scale property, 224 square km; in Switzerland they call it the Surselva gold project. On October 27th, NVX announced the receipt of a five-year exploration license from the government. It was necessary for the local communities to vote to allow such a permit. The positive vote is an indication of the support of the villages most directly involved.

The area has been mined by placer miners for most of the last 1800 years. There are no indications of any hard rock mining ever having taken place.

The Surselva project has had over 4200 meters of drilling completed from 1986 to 1991. NVX has that core. NVX acquired 100% of the project in 2011 and began a surface reconnaissance program collecting 309 rock samples for geochemistry with grades up to 17.4 g/t Au in outcrop. In addition they completed a 13.5 line Km geochemical survey with 279 soil samples from areas of poor outcrop.

NV Gold is top heavy with experts in geology. President John Watson has a master’s degree and 30 years experience in the resource industry. Dr. Quinton Hennigh is president and CEO of Novo Resources and was a former Senior Research Geologist with Newmont Mining. Dr. Odin Christensen was formerly VP of Exploration and Chief Geologist for Newmont Mining.

Dr. Christensen supervised the 2011 exploration work at Surselva. The company wants to either raise money and do a serious drill program on the project or enter into a Joint Venture with a major to share the expenses.

On November 19th, 2014, NVX released an initial 43-101 on the project. It’s not a resource; they don’t have enough data for that. The initial 43-101 is the sort of information a major would want to know before spending money looking at the project with a mind to get involved in a JV.

As is the case with the vast majority of junior resource companies, NVX needs to raise money soon. I am of the opinion that we have seen a major bottom. The sentiment is lower today towards resources than in 2001 when gold shares bottomed. That’s a good thing. I believe the climate has changed but it may be month before the market understands the turn.

I am biased. I own shares. I have participated in three private placements in NV Gold and they are an advertiser. As always, take some responsibility for your own investment decisions.

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Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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