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Does the West End in a Bang or a Whimper? Zelensky, Graham and Blumenthal Know

Bob Moriarty

Jul 05, 2023

Days ago I warned about pending false flags by the USon behalf of the coke snorting comedian running Ukraine that is directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers. Prior to becoming Czar of Ukraine Zelensky's most impressive talent was to play the piano with his dick. I tried it but it's difficult to do without a lot of practice.

The two leading Neocon criminal warmongers in the Senate, Lindsey Graham and Richard Blumenthal sponsored a Senate Resolution to invoke Article V of the Nato Treaty requiring all Nato nations to respond to any attack on one nation in the case of radioactive release from any nuclear power plant in Ukraine. Their timing was perfect in giving Zelensky a green light to attack the largest Nuclear Power Plant in Europe. They announced the resolution on June 22, in time to use the aircraft and troops in the just completed Nato war games that concluded on June 23rd.

Zelensky used the two weeks since then to prepare the false flag against the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant. (ZNPP) With the other members of the Gang of Fools they have created a reverse Mensa exam. They don't want to know how smart people are; they want to test them for stupidity.

Zelensky is a liar. He runs the most corrupt country in Europe populated in the west by a bunch of outright Nazis.

The Ukrainian Nazis murdered in cold blood the 458 civilians in Bucha. All the deaths came after the Russians left and the major of the city inspected and never said a word about any mass murder. Only when the Ukrainians moved back in did the bodies show up. He lied about the missile attack on the railroad station. It was a Ukrainian missile. He lied about the attack on the hospital; it was shelled from the Ukrainian positions. He lied about the missile landing in Poland fired from Ukraine. He released extra high levels of water prior to the missile attack on the Kakhovka Dam so it would be more destructive downstream. He uses projection to blame Russia for all the Ukrainian war crimes.

It's similar to the destruction of the Nord Stream Pipelines. Biden said he would "bring an end to it". Another rabid Neocon deep in the heart of darkness, Victoria Nuland said, "one way or another Nord Stream 2 will not move forward." The US had opposed the pipeline for many years.

So someone blows it up and the cry from Zelensky and the Neocons at once is "The Russians blew up their own $30 billion pipeline." That of course requires the listeners to be so stupid they don't realize that if the Russians really wanted to stop gas flowing to Germany all they had to do was flip a switch.

How many people realize there were actually four pipes making up Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2? Only three of the pipes were destroyed. As poorly led as the US military is today with the insane focus on Woke theory, queers and drag queens, only the US military could spend months planning an attack on the pipelines and screw it up.

We know who did it. Former Polish minister Radoslaw Sikorski even thanked the US for the largest act of terrorism in world history. "Thank you, USA." Someone in Washington was smart enough that US really didn't want to be identified as the force behind the deaths of 30,000 Europeans last winter from freezing due to the cost of fuel so the CIA has come up with multiple bullshit versions of who did it. I suppose it could have been worse. Published report predicted as many as 300,000 frozen Europeans last winter but it proved to be exceptionally mild winter.

My readers knew last October 10thwho did the deadly deed.

Zelensky is going to shell the ZNPP on today July 5thin the hope of causing a massive radiation leak. He has already cut off the power lines to the plant supplying energy to the cooling ponds. He wants to destroy the largest NPP in Europe. Should his efforts fail, his backup plan is to launch a missile loaded with a dirty bomb just so the "Nuke Sniffer" US Air Force plane that just happened to have been moved into place in Crete to test for a radiation leak can detect it.

The Russians have controlled the ZNPP since March of 2022. They have had all the opportunity in the world to destroy the facility if they wanted. Zelensky and the rest of his criminal gang have shelled the plant for months but only caused minor damage.

The US, Nato and Zelensky need an excuse to invoke Article 5 of the Nato Treaty. The Russians have stopped the Ukrainian offensive in its tracks with as many as a thousand dead Ukrainian soldiers per day. Joe Biden got his hands caught in the cookie jar to the tune of ten or twenty million in bribes from the head of Burisma complete with electronic recordings revealing the bribes. Meanwhile the US media making up the Ministry of Truth are snoring and ignoring the highest law breaking by a US president in history. Biden needs attention elsewhere, not on all his crimes.

If there is a radiation leak detected or a dirty bomb explosion on the part of Ukraine is detected and Article 5 invoked the chance of a nuclear exchange goes to almost certain. The US has combat troops in Ukraine fighting now. More are stationed in Romania and Poland ready for battle. The Air Force has nuclear-armed B-52s on Russia's border just waiting for the chance to blow up the world.

While it is self destructive and stupid for the US to provoke a nuclear war, it is insane of the mental midgets claiming to run the EU countries to allow this insane war to continue. I wrote on March 1 of 2022 and predicted the suicide of the EU, Nato and the US.

It comes right now.

I forget, what did Russia do anyway? Oh, that's right. They supplied inexpensive natural resources to Europe so Europe could thrive economically.

This is a US planned, sponsored and run war. But from a country that just had its butt kicked by a bunch of goat herders. What idiot thought up the idea of taking on the most heavily armed country in the world? This is the Mother of All Stupid Ideas.

And as a result, billions may die.

Thanks Lindsey and Richard. You assholes deserve to burn in hell along with Victoria. You are monsters trying to destroy the world.

Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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