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The Great Culling

Bob Moriarty

Apr 27, 2020

Every crisis needs a good name to be memorable. The events of September 11th, 2001 were a natural to be 911. But what do we call our current crisis to really reflect reality and be memorable at the same moment?

It began as the Corona Virus. But should that be Corona Virus with a space or better put as Coronavirus? There seemed to be no consensus so the media and public searched for something more meaningful.

For some time votes came in for the Wuhan Virus. A couple of highly biased websites voted to call it the CCP Virus for Chinese Communist Party Virus on the basis that it seemed to have come from Wuhan.

A Nobel prize winning scientist famous for discovering the HIV virus even concluded that the Virus was lab-made and must have escaped from the CCP Wuhan laboratory by accident. Or not. That would tend to make the CCP Virus valid but seems hardly fair since the NIH contributed $3.7 million to the Chinese since it was illegal to experiment within the US. If we helped pay for it, don’t we deserve some of the credit for creating it?

In an effort to standardize the nomenclature the WHO stepped in with a new name. The Virus was now to be known as COVID-19. I suppose they thought that would sort of roll off the tongue.

But don’t we have the real issue of all those who will die of the Greatest Depression we have just entered? What about them? There will be a lot more of premature deaths from the economic calamity than from the virus.

When the whole Wuhan/CCP/Corona/COVID-19 fiasco began the first predictions were for up to 2.2 million dead in the US. By the end of March the new guess was down to between 100,000 to 240,000 and now is more like 60,000 to 80,000.

As much time as has passed since we first knew the Whatever Virus was an issue, you would think the “leaders” would have a better handle on the problem. They don’t.

Donald Trump needs his daily course of adoration from the media so he keeps holding the circus run by the clowns every day. Mike Pence, head of the Federal Task Force on the Virus, stands next to Trump looking like a cigar store Indian.

And I suppose we have the wonderful and balanced Chris Cuomo from CNN to look forward to seeing again. He just came out from a three-week isolation in the basement of his house. Except for the trip to the Hamptons with his wife and little kiddies on Easter Sunday where he cursed a bicycle rider for pointing out that Cuomo was supposed to be in quarantine by himself. What was he doing outside with his family around him, no masks, no social distance? Or are the rules for the rich different?

I mentioned in my piece about the virus that it was possible that even the “immunity passports” showing antibodies from the virus might be meaningless because it is possible in theory that you can catch the virus again and again because it contains RNA rather than DNA. I guess the WHO reads me because they now agree.

And I did pee on the parade of those such as Bill Gates and Doctor Fauci who have pinned their hopes on a vaccine. Some experts are now realizing that it might never happen. Another serious reporter did an excellent podcast talking about how the CDC and Gates have covered up major problems with vaccines for different viruses in the past.

We may be stuck with a dangerous virus that can reoccur and even an “immunity passport” could be meaningless since lots of viruses will generate similar results and people could catch this virus again.

What we are not stuck with is a lockdown of the world economy that could result in the deaths of millions or tens of millions of people. We don’t need or want the lockdown any longer. It is killing more people than the virus.

Even the Federal Reserve guesses the unemployment rate in the US could go up to 32% leaving 47 million Americans out of work. Estimates say that between 4,000 and 37,000 Americans could die per one percent increase in unemployment due to strokes, heart attack, smoking, alcohol abuse, spousal abuse, suicides, murder or simple starvation. There are valid arguments for both numbers.

If you use the lowest number, a 30% increase in unemployment will bring premature deaths to 120,000 citizens. That makes the guesstimate of deaths from the virus look pretty small. And if you use the higher and possibly valid number of 37,000 deaths due to a 1% increase in unemployment, you have 1.1 million Americans at risk.

We need a good name for the real threat. And I don’t doubt for even a moment that the Whatever Virus can be deadly, the Greatest Depression will kill far more people. And the longer we have the country locked down, the higher the figure will climb.

Since the virus is most threatening to the poor, the obese, blacks, old people, those with hypertension or asthma, perhaps we should call the Virus/Greatest Depression something catchy like The Great Culling.

Because no matter if it was an accident from the idiots from the NIH and CCP Wuhan Laboratory, we are culling our society from those most in need of our protection. And it is certainly possible that it wasn’t an accident.

China is still lying about their number of deaths. They are almost certainly understating the number. On the other hand, the US is counting virtually everyone who dies as a victim of the virus. So the number of heart attacks, strokes and flu deaths is going down but the number of virus deaths is going up.

By the way, you as an ordinary person can figure out a lot of things for yourself simply by using logic. Even wearing a MAGA hat, how would it be possible for the US to represent 32% of the cases of the virus in the world and about 26% of the deaths? The US has a little over 4.2% of the world’s population, it would be impossible for us to have 700% more cases per capita than the rest of the world. Certainly the Trump and Pence duo are exceptional but those numbers are impossible.

As always those in government are idiots ready to lie at a moments notice. But the fools running the Federal Government and the state governments are condemning millions of Americans to poverty and an early death. If you are one of the 47 million unemployed, you can thank those who reign over you. They may buy your attention for a few months with their $600 a week stipend for you but one day the money will run out and you will realize what they have done to you. And you will be part of The Great Culling.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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