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Bravura Ventures Adds Yukon Gold Project

Bob Moriarty

Oct 25, 2016

Bravura Ventures has had quite a run this year going from $.02 a share in March to a high of $.59 a share in September before tumbling in a perfectly normal 50% correction to $.30 in October. The shares show both the incredible opportunity offered in penny dreadfuls as well as the danger of not selling when you have a big profit. For most of the year you had to make an appointment to either buy or sell the shares but in recent days volume has picked up.

Bravura Ventures began the year searching for some good projects. They managed to find a minor gold project in Idaho called Musgrove Creek with a historic inferred resource of 313,822 ounces of gold along with some interesting drill results that took place after the 43-101 released in 2004. Drilling in 2009 came up with results of 4.6 meters of 5.01 g/t Au in hole 62, 3.0 meters of 11.15 g/t in hole 63 and 6.1 meters of 8.71 g/t in hole 64.

On Monday October 24th the company announced an option on a far more advanced gold project in the Yukon they picked up from Golden Predator. The Grew Creek property has had extensive work done on it by Golden Predator including over 19,000 meters of drilling and a total of more than $4.7 million spent by Golden Predator in exploration.

The option is a little confusing due to so many different terms over different time periods. Basically it gives BVQ an option on up to 90% of the Grew Creek deposit in exchange for $950,000 in cash and a certain number of shares at given way points. The shares to be issued are as a percentage of the company so will vary depending on how many shares are outstanding at the time. In addition, Golden Predator holds a 1% NSR on production. Al Carlos retains a 4% NSR on certain claims.

The deal gives management of BVQ something very real to advance. Musgrove Creek is a project just big enough to get you into trouble. It has an historic resource so adds some value to the company but the project hasn’t been advanced in a significant way in 15 years. BVQ is looking at the project right now trying to determine where they go from here.

Grew Creek on the other hand was staked in 1983 by Al Carlos and prior to Golden Predator taking on the project in 2010 had some 222 holes punched in it and a total of almost 38,000 meters of drilling prior to 2010. Golden Predator has added another 70 holes since that time.

With that much drilling completed I would guess BVQ will hit the ground running and be working toward an initial 43-101 resource as soon as possible. Basically Bravura Ventures is a highly leveraged bet on the price of gold. Prior to now Grew Creek wasn’t clearly viable but BVQ has a lot of data to work with. With only 20 million shares outstanding and a market cap of about $7 million CAD investors have a potentially high payoff, fairly low risk alternative.

I like the Yukon a lot and I think its time has come. I am an investor in BVQ, they are an advertiser and I am biased. Their website has little information about Grew Creek but that’s because they just signed the option. Look for more details in a presentation shortly.

Bravura Ventures Corp
BVQ-V $.355 (Oct 24, 2016) 
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Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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