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Bottom in Gold? Gann Update

Bob Moriarty

Dec 6, 2016

James Flanagan of Gann Global issued an update on the gold market on the 4th of December. I got in touch with him and asked him if we could repost it. He agreed and here it is. You should go watch it for some of the most valuable advice on the web.

Gann is in business to make money as are all the rest of us and to do that he will pitch his very valuable service. He wants your email so he can update you in the future. I think it’s worth it. If you determine that you don’t want to sign up for his service, a couple of his email pitches are still worth the price.

I want to remind readers that James Flanagan was one of the few people on the web who actually got it dead right back in January of this year and he’s been right all along. I think he’s dead right again.

I have no financial connection with James Flanagan or with Gann Global.

For more information or to subscribe, go to Gann Global Financial directly or contact them at info@gannglobal.com.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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