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Bigger than Bakken II

Bob Moriarty
Apr 23, 2013

In mid-February I wrote about Tag Oil and Marauder Resources and mentioned Tag would be drilling soon.

As of 4:30 AM April 22nd Tag spudded their first well in the East Coast basin of New Zealand. Expect drill results in 2-3 weeks. It’s an 1800-meter deep hole, that’s shallow and easy for the oil business.

For an oil company, Tag is pretty cheap given all their production; their stock was 50% higher in January. It wouldn’t take much of a find to move their stock up.

Marauder’s land position is right in between that of Tag. So either Tag’s north hole or south hole can hit and you have a home run.

Marauder is along for a free ride. They have about an $8 million dollar market cap compared to $300 million for Tag. If the hole hits for Tag, expect MES to go up a lot more. You don’t need to buy now; you just need to watch closely. Most people won’t be watching or understand the importance of the hole.

Tag intends to drill at least two holes in the East Coast Basin. Watch the reaction of the market to any news. And the reaction of the company. If they like it, you should like MES.

I own Marauder and they are an advertiser. I am biased. I encourage readers to do their own due diligence. Again, you don’t need to buy now, if the hole doesn’t hit, MES will tumble. But if it does hit, jump in quickly.

Marauder Resources East Coast
MES-V $.085 (Apr 22, 2013)
97.1 million shares
Marauder Resources website

TAO-V $4.79 (Apr 22, 2013)
59.7 million shares
TAG Oil website


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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