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Comes a Wag the Dog Moment?

Bob Moriarty

Jun 19, 2023

Ukraine started its long awaited counterattack against the Russian forces recently. They are losing badly with killed and wounded over 1,000 per day. That’s ten times as many casualties as they are inflicting on the enemy. That’s not combat. That’s the same as clubbing baby seals. It’s not warfare; it’s cold-blooded murder on the part of those feeding their troops into a meat grinder.

If the “Leaders” of the EU actually led rather than acting like organ grinder monkeys for the senile old man pretending to run the United States the war would end in a day with a unconditional surrender by the idiots running Nato.

Europe has already destroyed their own economy by following the US lead similar to that of lap dogs as I predicted in March of 2022. The sanctions didn’t hurt Russia but have deindustrialized Europe. The EU continues to obey their masters in Washington DC. Their economics continue to decline. That’s not just stupid, that’s suicide and perfectly voluntary.

In April of 2022 Ukraine and Russia actually came to terms on a ceasefire and withdrawal of Russian forces to the lines pre-February 24th of 2022. Ukraine actually signed it before Boris Johnson pointed out to the coke snorting comedian running the most corrupt country in Europe that if he, Zelensky, kept tossing Ukrainian men into what was already a pointless meat grinder, he could add even more to his stolen loot. So Biden, Johnson and Zelensky are directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers who never stood any chance of defeating a far better equipped and trained Russian force.

While we should be hoping that the EU and Nato would wake up and smell the roses, they may be preparing for the deaths of millions or perhaps of billions of people in the world. You see, Joe Biden and his crack smoking son, “Hunter is the smartest person I know,” were taking bribes from Burisma to the tune of $10 million.

An FBI informant told the FBI in June of 2020 of the bribery scheme. And that the head of Burisma secretly recorded seventeen telephone calls from the Bidens, fifteen with Hunter “Crackhead” Biden and two from Joe “The Big Guy” Biden. For those arithmetically challenged that means the FBI and presumably the DOJ knew three years ago about the allegations some four months before the 2020 election. They also had physical control of the Hunter “Crackhead” Biden laptop for over three and a half years.

When the Praetorian Guard starts picking the Emperor the end of the Empire is nigh. The corruption of the CIA, FBI, DOJ and the rest of the Military Industrial Complex can no longer be denied. When Hillary Clinton handed out classified documents from her home server the Praetorian Guard turned their heads away.

When Hunter “Crackhead” Biden’s laptop revealed evidence of 459 different Federal crimes he committed and indications of six crimes committed by Joe “The Big Guy” Biden the FBI, IRS and DOJ have struggled for going on four years to charge either one.

Joe “The Big Guy” Biden is not going to survive the latest revelations from the FBI informant who took the FD-1023 to a Congressional committee when he realized the FBI had no intention of investigating Biden.

Here is where perhaps the rubber meets the road. If the United States is actually a nation of laws, Joe “The Big Guy” Biden is going to be removed from office and tossed so far in prison that they will have to feed him with a slingshot. He’s been a grifter and a serial liar his entire career.

Alternatively he could play a massive game of Wag the Dog and start World War III to deflect attention from his $10 million dollar bribe. Nato is in the midst of the largest war games in their history with 250 aircraft involved and 10,000 troops. The war games are scheduled to end on June 23 but that may be the date of an attack on Russia by Nato.

I fought in a war and have more real combat time than any five of the armchair Chicken Hawk generals on CNN and CNBC. If Nato attacks Russia after setting off a false flag operation in justification, it will be the end of Nato, the EU and the US. The Russian weapons such as the Lancet suicide drone costs about $5,000 and have taken out most of the thirty $20 million German Leopard tanks handed over to Ukraine. Half were destroyed and in a fit of sanity the Ukrainian military removed the Leopards from combat. The greatest potential for an enterprising businessman in Ukraine today is to enter the scrap metal business. What Zelensky hasn’t stolen out of the $100 billion plus donations is pretty much scrap iron now.

As the Ukrainians have learned but Nato has yet to come to grips with, the Russian weapons systems are far superior to those of Nato. This war has pretty much made aircraft carriers and much of the Navy including the Marine Corps obsolete. Our thirteen carriers wouldn’t last the first day of a real war with Russia. Should those 250 Nato aircraft turn towards Ukraine and Russia, it will make the ensuing battle look like the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot.

It’s a simple equation. We fight, we lose.

If Joe “The Big Guy” Biden thinks an attack on Russia will succeed, he is about to find out he would have a lot more luck building a railroad across the Indian Ocean.

Nato and the Biden crime family are long past their sell-by date.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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