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Ivermectin Tales from the Crypt

Bob Moriarty

Jul 26, 2021

These are true stories taken from one of the chat boards over the weekend.

@Icarus  This is a COVID post. Please ignore if you are not interested in Covid or Ivermectin. I just contracted Covid on a plane trip to New York for my nephew's wedding. I purchased one of those test kits and the result was unequivocal...COVID for sure. This is my story. After returning from the Wedding I spent the entire weekend without going out, so the only possible exposure was on the plane or at the Wedding. 4 days after exposure I felt great up until 9:45 pm Tuesday night. within 15 minutes my whole body crashed. I started getting massive muscular aches and pains, and chills. Maybe just a cold? I went to bed.

8 hours after onset of symptoms, after a restless night...first dose of Ivermectin.

12 hours after symptom onset (4 hours after ivermectin): temperature 100.1, aches and muscle pains, hard to walk up the stairs, congested chest, coughs. Napped all day long one hour on one hour off.

24 hours after onset: Slight sore throat developed. 32 hours after onset of symptoms and 24 hours after first dose of Ivermectin. ( Thurs at 5 am) At this point I'm starting to question the efficacy of Ivermectin. Second dose taken. I'm still NOT getting better at all. Many people report a big change after only 24 hours of first dose. Not me. Then it happened slowly.

30 hours after first dosage headache receeds.

34 hours after first dosage aches and pains receed. 42 hours after first dosage temperature down to 97.7 degrees (low probably due to tylenol). 48 hours after first dosage congestion receeds. The only symptom left after 54 hours from first dose is a now, bad sore throat.

Lessons learned;

1) take Ivermection at the first indication of something wrong, don't wait!
2) I kept thinking it's not Covid because I can still smell and taste. i was waiting for the smell and taste to go away...everyone is different. this was not a discriminator for me!
3) This disease moves at the speed of light. Monitor yourself minute by minute and don't hesitate to run to the hospital if you START to get bad symptoms. They can multiply rapidly!
4) It ain't over yet. 10 days of quarantine to go. wish me luck.


@BlackHawk   @Icarus thanks for your story about your experience Ivermectin. It is greatly appreciated. I didn’t respond to your post immediately because I thought I was going to have an entirely different story to tell. But now it’s my turn to tell you a story that for a while as I said I thought was going to be entirely different.

My Son and his wife have a niece that they take care of frequently and she came to stay with them for a little bit while her Mother went who knows where on some trip. I use the term Mother loosely because she left her child with my Son and didn’t bother to tell him that she had Covid, she told them the little girl had a cold even though she knew better. This women needs to be eliminated from the gene pool IMO.

Anyway My Son landed up getting Covid from the little girl. He came down ill last Thursday. He is a weight lifter and as strong as a bull so he thought he would just tough it out and get through it. He didn’t tell me or anyone else he was sick. By Monday of this week he was so sick he was having serious problems trying to breathe and he couldn’t move up off the bed. He was now 5 days into the illness and he knew he was in bad trouble, I mean serious bad trouble. So he finally mentioned to us that he was sick with the Covid. My Daughter immediately ran to a local farming store and got him the Ivermectin. So he landed up taking it 5 days after he had gotten sick, which was obviously way too late.

Yesterday he was so ill he couldn’t breathe, he was suffocating and they rushed him to the hospital. They checked him over and told him his lungs were badly infected and that his kidneys were pretty close to failing. They wanted to give him the antiviral Remdesivir and Steroids but they said his Kidneys were so bad that they could not do that. I should also point out that he has a heart condition for years that has to be monitored and the virus was causing great strain on his heart. So here he was with Covid, horribly infected lungs, couldn’t breath on his won, on the verge of Kidney failure and the hospital came right out and said they did not think there was much they could do for him.

The Hospital told him that if he had a DNR ( Do Not Resituate ) form they would need that immediately and because they needed to know what it said because they wanted to see if it would allow them to put him on a ventilator. They gave him a 50/50 chance of living even if he went on the ventilator. They said at the moment all they could do for him was to make sure he was oxygenated and try to keep his fever down with Tylenol. Beyond that nature was just going to have to take its course.

Last night before we all went to bed the entire Family was praying for him because it pretty well sounded like it was going to be another death statistic from the way the doctors were talking.

Well I just got off the phone and I’m here to tell you a miracle has happened. Apparently even though he took the Invermectin way to late it was doing its job. I kind of compare it to a war in the body. The Virus has its soldiers and the immune system has its soldiers. After 5 days of being ill the enemy had brought in fresh troops, ammunition, supplies and food and their army was about to be the victor. However as you know from reading about Ivermectin it stops the virus from replicating, effectively cutting off their supply lines. That gave his own immune system time to build up their troops and now instead of the enemy having a complete victory his Immune Army is now in their fighting like hell.

The phone call I received and which I have certainly prayed and thanked the Good Lord for was news that he is now able to breathe, he is on oxygen but is able to now breathe. They say his Kidneys have now started to function to the point that they can give him Remdesivir and the steroids.

Now here is the miraculous part, after ending the day yesterday with a very real possibility that he was going to die today the hospital said that with this miraculous recovery they are going to only keep him in the hospital for one more day because he is showing such great signs of recovery, that they of course can not account for and are astounded that it is occurring. They are going to have a nurse daily administer medication to him in his home. He will need to stay on oxygen and the doctor will be doing daily face time visits with him.

Ivermectin couldn’t cure him in 24 hours because he waited too long, but the Good Lord and Ivermectin has saved him from what looked like last night was a death sentence. So if anyone wanted a firsthand story about how Ivermectin works even when administered way too late well here you go.

@AUinvestor Thanks Icarus and Blackhawk for sharing your stories. Ok... now I feel compelled to share my own story, although it's not anywhere as near impactful as Icarus' or Blackhawk's stories, but it is a "matter of fact" experience I recently had.

For the record, I'm now 64 years old, and I rarely get sick... once every several years or so at most (I can't remember my wife getting sick (nothing serious) more than a few times in the past 3 decades). 1) I have an office down at the Honolulu Harbor on the waterfront. Unfortunately, it's next to the port entry of the cruise lines that come to Hawaii. And it is one of the places that the state chose to jab 10s of thousands of Hawaii residents... when I go to my office, I park in a private lot but have to walk near these droves of people that come to get their experimental unapproved injections. Some of them come into our building lost and looking for the injection site. 2) My wife and I also go out to dine in restaurants from time to time and visit other places such as shopping malls and China Town. 3) We do take Liposomal Vitamin D3, Liposomal Vitamin C, Quercetin, Zinc, BioAstin, Vitamin K2 and a few others as well as try to eat wholesome, healthy meals.

Anyway, about two weeks ago on July 7th around noon, my wife, kids and I went out to go shopping and dine at a restaurant to celebrate my wife's birthday.

The following evening on July 8th (about 30 hours later), I (rather suddenly) felt fatigue, body aches, joint and muscle pain, stomach cramps, sore throat and headache. I also developed some nasal congestion, but did not experience any lung congestion or difficulty breathing. I never take drugs, aspirin, Tylenol, cough medicines, or anything like that - I just don't... instead, I drink water and get rest. Anyway, I suffered through the night feeling pretty miserable and not getting much rest... thinking perhaps I had a stomach flu w/ constipation alternating with the other... :(, or that I had eaten some bad food at the restaurant? No other members of my family became ill... just me.

The next day on July 9th, I stayed in bed most of the day trying to rest (I still made a few posts at the small group - heh heh). I finally gave in to my wife's good judgement to take my temperature, and it was 102º. She asked if I could taste or smell. I wasn't sure, so I drank some coffee, and could taste and smell it well enough. Around 4pm that day I had to cancel my weekly Karate training with the kids. I was weak and not getting any better (and I sure as hell didn't want to go to some doctor to get tested for Covid-19)... so by 6pm that evening (about 24 hours or so after I could no longer ignore my symptons), my wife asked me to take the Ivermectin. I thought, ok (although isolating myself already), I better do it for the family (and myself) since I had some of the Covid-19 symptoms (I still couldn't rule out stomach flu). And I reasoned, Ivermectin is also proven to kill (general) viruses as well as cure inflammation (which I was obviously was experiencing).

After taking the first dose of Ivermectin (0.2mg/kg) at 6pm, I rested in bed for awhile, read a book and then fell asleep. I woke up the next morning on July 10th at about 7am (about 13 hours later from the dose of Ivermectin), and my fever had broken back to normal, and I felt much, much better. On a scale from 1 to 10 on the miserable index... I went from about a 7 or 8 that evening, down to a 2 or 3 the following morning. No fever, my body aches and joint pain had considerably diminished, my stomach and throat felt much better. By 6pm that evening, my wife said it's time to take your second course of Ivermectin. However, by then I felt about 80% or so better, so I decided not to take anymore. The next morning on July 11th (about 30 hours after taking the one and only initial dose of Ivermectin), I felt about 98% normal... almost 100%.

To summarize my story:

1) I'm not certain if I had Covid-19 or not (although it could have been a stomach flu - I don't believe it was), however, no other members of my family became ill.
2) But I did get sick, felt miserable, had body aches and a 102º fever.
3) From the time I came down with the symptoms I described (the evening of July 8th about 30 hours later after celebrating my wife's birthday on July 7th, I waited until the following day, July 9th, around 6pm (about 24 hours after the symptoms appeared) to take the first and only dose of the Ivermectin.
4) About 13 hours later on July 10th, after waking up at 7am, I felt 80% better with no sore throat or fever. That evening, I decided not to take any more doses of Ivermectin.
5) The following day on July 11th (about 30 hours after taking the one and only initial dose of Ivermectin), I felt 98% better and almost fully recovered.
6) The following day I was fully recovered.

At 64 years of age, I'm supposedly more susceptible to Covid-19. But whatever I had, Covid-19 or some sort of stomach flu (given the joint pain, fatigue, sore throat - I don't think it was stomach flu but I don't know for sure), the Ivermectin made me feel much better in just 13 hours after a single dose and a good nights rest.

I'll keep everyone posted in the event that any other family member gets sick... we'll use Ivermectin (absolutely no adverse side effects for me with only the upside benefit as described in my story).

Thanks again for sharing.


Last year about this time I did an interview with Energy And Gold. This is an extract from that piece predicting a year ago that there would never be a successful “Vaccine” against the Covid Flu.

Goldfinger: Something that we’ve talked about a lot is how gold and silver are benefiting from the return to sound money, and this wanton and reckless spending and stimulus by the Fed and the Treasury. And you said several times they’re going to try 15 or 20 different things, and none of them are going to work. Trump continues to keep harping on is a vaccine. I think that he thinks that the way to save his Presidency and get in a second term is for a vaccine to come about, and for people to feel better about the virus. What do you think about the prospects of a vaccine, and would a vaccine be a negative for gold and silver?

Bob Moriarty: Well, here’s the deal. Everything you’re being told about COVID, everything you’re being told about COVID, is a lie, okay? Mathematically it would be impossible for the United States to have 5% of the world’s population and 25% of the world’s cases. If you test positive for COVID, and you go to the hospital for any reason, the government picks up the tab. So literally everybody that goes to a hospital that doesn’t have insurance, the government’s picking up the tab. Now the government knows the hospital’s lying, the hospital knows they’re lying, but they’re taking 22-week preemies and saying they’re dying of COVID. They can’t die of COVID, they’re going to die anyway. They’re taking people who were shot and saying they’re dying of COVID. They didn’t die of COVID, they were shot. There were people that were in car accidents, and people who were in motorcycle accidents, people who had heart attacks, people who had strokes. And everybody who dies who doesn’t have insurance all of the sudden has gotten a stamp on their left hand saying COVID. Well it’s bullshit. It’s not true.

There is a better solution for COVID, and that’s HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine). And there are a number of doctors, I mean literally hundreds of doctors, who have tested HCQ on their patients. It’s a drug that’s been around for 65 years. It costs $.35 a pill and it is a prophylactic. It’s something that you could take in advance. If you go to Tanzania or you go to Kenya, or you go to anywhere where there’s Malaria, the doctor will prescribe HCQ for you and tell you to take it in advance. Now when Fauci says it would take 15 months to do a clinical study, that’s bullshit. It’s absolute, total 100% horse shit, okay? It’s not true. They’re lying, because they want you to take the vaccine. But they’re saying it takes 15 months to test a drug that’s been around for 65 years that we know the side effects of, but we can approve a vaccine in two to three months, and the vaccine is going to permanently change your DNA.

Now the problem with that is the law of unintended consequences. And you go in and you do one thing, and there is an unintended consequence that you didn’t know about. Now anybody who takes a vaccine that is basically untested, that permanently changes their DNA, is quite insane. And you get guys like Alan Dershowitz, okay? Alan Dershowitz is on video banging teenagers, okay, with Epstein. And the reason Epstein was doing that, that Epstein was given a pass, and he was allowed to traffic in teenagers, so he could blackmail information on important people. Now Dershowitz comes out and says you have no constitutional right to refuse a vaccine. Now think about that for a minute. Where in the constitution does it say that Americans have to take a vaccine because Bill Gates and Fauci want them to take it? You can look in any, the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, Constitution, it doesn’t exist, okay? This whole thing is about money. And because nobody can make money on the HCQ, the mainstream media and Fauci and the CDC are all pissing and moaning about HCQ, and hundreds of doctors have tested it and said it works.

Goldfinger: That brings up a really interesting point. The market seems very focused on a vaccine. The President seems very focused on a vaccine. But actually I saw a survey that said only 40% of Americans would even take a vaccine if there was one. So I’m not even sure it matters much if only 40% will take it. It may or may not actually work, it may or may not have side effects, and the virus is likely to morph into something that the vaccine doesn’t prevent.

Bob Moriarty: We already know that this virus is shape shifting. There will never be a single vaccine that cures what we call COVID-19, period. It cannot exist. We don’t have a vaccine for AIDS. We don’t have a vaccine for the common cold. We change the vaccines for the flu to every year, because the flus change every year. Vaccine is one of those 3% solutions, like solar energy and electric cars, okay? It sounds good, but it’s a 3% solution, it’s not a 97% solution. The solution is to protect the people who are most at risk, and come up with drugs that we know work already, that are in common usage, and allow doctors to prescribe them.

Goldfinger: And it’s also kind of interesting, because while the virus clearly spreads very easily, just sort of like the flu or the cold, the reason why it spreads so easily is because it’s not as fatal as it once was.

A virus that kills people does not spread as easily, because dead people can’t be carriers, right? So it’s just it’s not as deadly as it was thought to be in February or March.

Bob Moriarty: Well, now there’s a lot in what you’re saying. The testing does not test for COVID-19. The testing tests for any COVID, it tests for the common cold, and it tests for the flu. So yes, the number of people who are showing positive reactions to the tests is very high, but it’s not the COVID that’s killing people, it’s anything. So the tests are not valid, the hospitals are lying about what people are dying of, the Democrats are using it as something that’s political. Fauci and Bill Gates want a piece of that billions or trillions of dollars for a vaccine. We have brought out every bit of evil and corruption that exists in the American society today around the COVID-19. I’ll be absolutely candid, everything that you’ve been told about the COVID-19 is a goddamn lie.


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