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Benchmark’s Serious 50,000-Meter Drill Program

Bob Moriarty

Jun 18, 2020

We are in a depression. Don’t let the idiots buying Tesla at a new high and pumping money into bankrupt Hertz lead you into believing we are in some new economic paradigm. We aren’t.

The crash will resume soon and some day shortly down the road Americans are going to be presented a bill for the orgy of money hurling being done by the Fed. The butcher’s bill will be paid. At that time the only shares with any real value will be that of resource companies.

Benchmark understands the issue and after raising $24 million from Eric Sprott and half a dozen with-it institutions is ready to get serious about advancing their prime gold project in the Golden Horseshoe region of northern BC.

Their drill plans call for 50,000 meters of drilling from five drills with drilling starting in July and continuing until October. There will be a lot of news being released starting in August through January.

Past drill results have been exceptional with results of 108.0 g/t Au and 91 g/t Ag over 7.0 meters and 33.53 meters of 5.76 g/t Au and 128.65 g/t Ag. It’s a bulk tonnage target at Lawyer’s with some high-grade hits. Benchmark is targeting up to 2 million ounces of gold with an updated 43-101 and PEA due in 2021.

The 2020 program is fully funded as BNCH intends to fast track to production. The Lawyer’s camp has produced 171,000 ounces of gold and 3.7 million ounces of silver in past production. With civil disorder becoming the issue of the day, Benchmark is in the safest jurisdiction in the world. Their existing infrastructure would cost $50 million to replace while the company has over $11 million in cash and a tiny market cap of about $42 million.

Benchmark is an advertiser. I have bought shares in the open market and as such am biased. They do a great job of communication and potential investors should pour through their company presentation.

Benchmark Metals Inc
BNCH-V $.365 (Jun 17, 2020)
CYRTF-OTCBB 113.8 million shares
Benchmark Metals website


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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