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Aurania Finds Part of the Yellow Brick Road in Ecuador

Bob Moriarty

Nov 28, 2019

In what many saw as a children’s book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the author, L. Frank Baum actually was writing a political allegory.

After passage of the Coinage Act of 1873 the US mint was no longer required to process silver delivered to it into silver coins. Since vast amounts of silver had been discovered in the west starting with the Comstock Lode, unlimited minting of silver into coins tended to cause inflation. Debtors love inflation since their debts can be paid in cheaper currency.

A pure gold standard tends to create deflation since the total amount of gold above ground barely changes from one year to the next. Gold is stored as a reserve. Silver tends to be consumed.

So in the book and movie, the Yellow Brick Road actually represents a gold standard. Three munchkins gave Dorothy her silver slippers once having belonged to the Wicked Witch. They represent those supporting the more inflationary bimetallic gold/silver standard.

The Wonderful Wizard of Ecuador, Keith Barron, searches for the Two Lost Cities of Gold. Finding more gold could be quite handy because as the Everything Bubble bursts and $250 trillion worth of used toilet paper finally achieves its real value the world is going to discover the solution to dishonest money is honest money. And no money is more honest than gold.

On Wednesday November 27th Keith announced the most significant find to date. No, he hasn’t found the Two Lost Cities of Gold but it appears that he has found part of the yellow brick road linking the two cities.

Napoleon was said to believe that it was more important for his generals to be lucky than to be skillful because you can beat skill but you can never beat luck. So the bad news is that Keith has yet to find the two lost cities, all he has found is the road between them. That’s lucky.

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Nobody hauls 1,000-pound blocks of rock around the jungle in southern Ecuador for fun. Someone was building a road.

According to the press release:

The remnants of the old road, which runs north-south along the axis of Aurania’s concession block, have been found in thick vegetation over a distance of 2.5 kilometres. It is an engineered road, cut into embankments and its downslope edges are lined with blocks of shale that have prevented erosion. The road is well drained, and its surface is of packed shale which is the country rock in the area that the road transects. The road is engineered to have moderate grade where the ground rises or falls steeply and is straight in relatively flat areas.

Two rectangular blocks of dressed sandstone lie at a junction in the road. The blocks are over a metre (36 inches) long, 50cm (18 inches) wide and 30cm (12 inches) deep. These blocks are estimated to weigh between 400kg and 450kg (900-1,000 pounds).  A third rectangular block more crudely shaped in diorite (a granitic rock), but showing clear chisel marks, was found in thick vegetation some 300m from the two well-hewn blocks.

Aurania is conducting a LiDAR survey over the area of the road. LiDAR literally can see through the vegetation. If he were doing a drill program, this find would be considered the discovery hole. Or discovery three blocks of rock if you wish.

Aurania is an advertiser. I have participated in two private placements and will participate in more. I am biased, do your own due diligence.

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