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The Ukraine War is Over. Russia Won

Bob Moriarty

May 29, 2023

I got to Vietnam in late July of 1968. Lots of American troops still believed we were winning the war. A year later most of our forces realized the war was a waste of time and not worth dying for. By 1970 no one wanted to be the last person to die for an illegal and meaningless war.

So when the troops ran into gung ho 2nd Lieutenants or other 90-day wonders they would explain the facts of life to them and encourage them to slow down and smell the roses. Those who didn’t got fragged. It’s a great way to off someone, just pull the pin, release the spoon and walk briskly away with a smile. Alternatively, in battle shooting a dumb leader right in front of you works as well. He’s closer to you than the enemy and a lot more dangerous to your longevity. No one wants to talk about it but it happens in all wars.

The number of racial violence incidents, fragging and people shooting themselves in the foot to get sent home rocketed higher in 1970. When that happens, the war is over. Those selected to fight it wake up to the fact that if you are going to die anyway, why not die for a reason? Like fragging the stupid son of a bitch ordering you to take a hill that isn’t worth taking.

By 1970 the entire US military knew and understood the Vietnam War was over and we lost. It wasn’t worth dying for.

Now it seems the Ukrainian soldiers who have been sold out by Boris Johnson and Zelensky have figured out the same thing.

When your soldiers learn that the penalty for shooting their own officers is no worse than their odds of surviving going into combat, the war is over and you lost.

The Ukrainian’s army has been destroyed. This incredibly stupid war should have been over in March of 2022 but Boris Johnson decided to end his career with a suggestion massive in its stupidity. When Zelensky was willing to call it a draw and start abiding by the Minsk II agreement, Johnson pointed out to him that he could rake a lot more loot off the top of all the weapons being handed to Ukraine. Several hundred thousand soldiers from Ukraine have been killed since then and their blood is on Johnson.

The Ukrainian army is now a shell of what it was eighteen months ago. All of the reporting from the Main Stream Media in the West is a total lie. The sooner Nato and the EU wake up, the sooner the dying will stop. Russia didn’t start this war but they will end it.

The US on the other hand is an Empire in a rapid state of decline led by fools and other idiots. The US lacks the good sense to admit when they have lost one more useless war.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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