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Defiance Silver Swings, Hits

Bob Moriarty

Jul 08, 2015

I wrote about Defiance Silver a couple of weeks ago. I called it a perpetual call on silver. The stock was $.085 and climbed rapidly to $.16 before settling to $.13 even while silver gets crunched. It wasn’t the article that made it go up nearly as much as the fact the shares were absurdly undervalued.

The chart of the XAU over gold is touching a new low and the clowns have come on stage to chortle about how smart they are because gold and silver are cheap. Those almost always turn out to be good buying points.

Greece, China, Puerto Rico and all points in between are suggesting the final crash is impending. There aren’t very many safe havens. Pundits have woken to the fact the bond market is probably the most dangerous it has ever been rather than a place of safety.

There is always silver and gold. Defiance will continue to add ounces every time they drill and they will continue to be a perpetual call on silver. If you like money you can hold in your hand rather than pieces of paper, silver might even go up one day.

Defiance Silver released more drill results on the 7th of July. All the holes were excellent. One was brilliant. Hole 04 showed 10.1 meters of 224.3 grams silver equivalent. Hole 07 measured one interval of 1.5 meters of 570.1-gram silver equivalent. Hole 08 had a brilliant interval of 7.25 meters of 674.4 grams silver equivalent.

All those ounces will be added to the 43-101 resource. They will continue to drill and they will continue to add ounces. All they need to do is figure out what the cost of adding an ounce is and how many ounces they need to attract a major partner and do a financing. Defiance can have as many ounces as they want; they understand the structure of the vein system. The day may well come where people want a primary silver project in a safe environment.

Defiance Silver is an advertiser. I have participated in a recent private placement. I am biased, please do your own due diligence. It’s not going to stay this cheap for long.

Defiance Silver Corp
DEF-V $.13 (Jul 07, 2015)
DNCVF-OTCBB 62.3 million shares

Defiance Silver website


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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