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What is Covid?

Bob Moriarty

Nov 23, 2021

Q: What is Covid?
A: Covid is a bad flu. You do not want to catch it.

A giant and perhaps permanent divide exists between the UK and the rest of the world regarding how they view education. In the US and most of the remainder of the world, we focus on answers. We memorize facts. However, in the UK they teach the question is more important than the answer.

Which is correct?

Most people will say, the answer because that is how they have been conditioned to think. But in the UK they will suggest, the question. After all, if you don’t ask the right question, how can you get the right answer?

Since it seems none of the people talking about Covid from any angle have ever actually pondered just what Covid really is. It is easy to understand why so many have come up with the wrong answers again and again.

Q: What is Covid?
A: Covid is a bad flu. You do not want to catch it.

Plant that firmly in your head because you will begin to understand where we are and where we are headed if you just understand what Covid is.

Covid is a bad flu. Once you accept that the answers just naturally flow. The correct answers, not the narrative Fauci, Gates, the Davos monsters, the MSM and the brain dead idiots who seem to occupy almost every government on earth have flogged for almost two years.

Covid is a bad flu.

The ordinary flu can kill and does every year. That’s not the end of the world. We are born, we live and we die. If the flu shortens life for some, it is hardly a big deal. We are all going to die of something in time.

Here’s what appears to be true.

The Wuhan flu appeared in the fall of 2019 around Wuhan China. It looks man made. It probably came from the lab in Wuhan and may have been a planned bio weapon from either China or the US or both. We now know the US was funding gain of function research designed to make more effective bio weapons contrary to sworn testimony from Fauci to Congress. But if Fauci was Pinocchio and his proboscis grew every time he told a lie, he could pole vault to Mars.

Truth is treason in an empire of lies.

The Chinese played their part in their own version of a Kabuki theatre unleashed in late 2019 early 2020 with people dying at their desk, doors on apartments being welded shut and what appeared to be a total lockdown of the city. What went unnoticed by the world was that Beijing wasn’t locked down; the rest of China wasn’t locked down. It was just theatre for the world showing just how deadly this new flu was. Go back to the beginning and the most important question of all.

Q: What is Covid?
A: Covid is a bad flu. You do not want to catch it.

In early 2020 the flu, and that is all that it ever was, came to the US and the rest of the world. Actually now we know that the Wuhan/Covid flu as it was renamed is a disease that mainly affects the obese, blacks, those low in Vitamin D or the elderly. The average age of people that were dying of Covid was actually higher than the average age people die. So it wasn’t the Spanish Flu or Ebola or even measles.

Covid is a bad flu. You don’t want to catch it.

Now we know that judicious use of Vitamin D, Vitamin C and zinc is helpful to avoid the flu in the first place.

Dr. Fauci was good enough to inform the American people that they didn’t need to wear masks. Of course that is true. Just look at anyone actually wearing a mask and ask yourself if you were four hundred times smaller than the holes in the mask, could you make it through? Wearing a mask to prevent the flu is about as effective as installing a roll of barbed wire around your house to keep mosquitos out. And every serious study proved it.

Then he said they did need to wear a mask. Nothing else changed except his professional scientific advice. Masks still don’t work and never have. We know because you can go to any list of those who caught the flu and realize that no one ever actually compared notes between areas with masks and areas without masks. Masks made absolutely no difference in preventing Covid.

Then Fauci in his infinite wisdom and scientific expertise announced that Americans really needed to not only wear a mask, they also needed a face shield. But he is the highest paid Federal government official so people listened to him. Then he said everyone really needed two or more masks. Then he said really they only needed one mask. But he forgot to tell us if we still needed the face shield.

Then we were told that to “flatten the curve” by social distancing lockdowns and shutting down the economy would stop the virus in its tracks.

How did that work out? Children have lost the ability to socialize with their playmates, the sales of illegal drugs and alcohol went through the roof. Suicides among teens soared along with murders in adults and spousal abuse, child abuse and alcoholism. If that is how you win a war against a virus that kills less than 0.5% of those infected. And 95% of those infected have little or no signs of any illness. It was called asymptomatic Covid.

It should have been called “No Covid” because the highly vaunted Gold Standard PCR test for Covid didn’t work then and it doesn’t work now. Most of the people told they had Covid never did at all. That’s what having no symptoms means. Even the Nobel Prize winning inventor of the PCR test insisted that it was worthless for determining a disease. He called Fauci a total fraud. Finally after lying to the world for the best part of 18 months even the CDC admits the test is not valid and will not be used after the end of this year. I knew that a year and a half ago.

We have had the ability to prevent Covid and cure it in those who caught it for a year and a half in the form of HCQ and Ivermectin. But Fauci and the Davos crowd are all about profit. There is little profit in HCQ and Ivermectin but there is in another EUA drug named Remdesivir highly touted by the good Dr. Fauci. HCQ is so dangerous that it was available over the counter in France until January 2020, just in time to prevent a bad flu. So the French required a prescription to a drug that has been used safely by millions in Africa. Perhaps Fauci is so senile that he has forgotten being co-author of a clinical study of chloroquine in 2005 where he commented on the remarkable effect it has on eliminating virus.

Fauci certainly doesn’t want anyone remembering that in 2018 Remdesivir was in an Ebola study with three other drugs. Remdesivir proved so deadly that it had to be dropped from the test after killing 53% of those who died during the study. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Remdesivir kills between 23% and 40% of those it is administered to for Covid of kidney failure. If you know someone who died of Covid in a hospital in the US during the last 18 months, ask if the specific cause was kidney failure. If so, it wasn’t Covid that killed them it was Remdesivir highly recommended by Fauci.

Even the WHO isn’t that corrupt. The WHO recommends against the use of Remdesivir in hospitalization for Covid because it not only doesn’t work, it is one of the most dangerous drugs known.

Go back to the beginning. Covid is a bad flu. You don’t want to catch it. But the NIH, CDC, WHO fail to talk about how to prevent it and are absurdly head up their asses about how to cure it.

After Donald Trump was defeated in the most corrupt election is US history with thousands of reports of voter fraud and miscounting, the CDC and NIH figured it was time to unleash the final weapon in the battle against a bad flu: an experimental vaccine.

But it wasn’t actually a vaccine just yet. Up until 2015 vaccines were to prevent disease. From 2015 until two months ago a vaccine was to produce immunity to a disease. But the jab, not a vaccine, certainly doesn’t prevent Covid. And the jab, not a vaccine, absolutely doesn’t produce immunity against Covid. So the CDC now says that a vaccine is to provide protection from a specific disease. So the use of soap and water to clean your hands is now a vaccine after September of 2021. How wonderful.

The numbers have been rolling in for months and anyone who does not start to understand a couple of key facts has their head in the sand. Or worse.

The “vaccines” don’t work.

They don’t prevent the disease. They don’t provide immunity to the flu and they have this nasty habit of killing a lot of people who just took the jab. Worse yet those countries with the highest percentage of people who took the jab are also having the highest percentage of people in the hospital and dying of Covid. With friends like Fauci, the CDC and Gates, you don’t need enemies.

That’s the good news. Depending on the multiple number you chose to use, we know there is serious underreporting on the VAERS site, and a reasonable assumption of the number of deaths to Americans from the shot is between 100,000 and 200,000. That’s the good news. The jab has only killed less than 1/10th of one percent of Americans. While the people who were killed by a shot that was supposed to protect them are pretty pissed and their families grieving, they are the lucky ones.

Because the jab is one of those gifts that keeps on giving. It doesn’t prevent illness and death but has the extra advantage of destroying your immune system. Reports are pouring in about star athletes in perfect health keeling over and dying from heart attacks. The criminal companies making the jabs are now pushing the shots onto children. That is a crime against humanity. Children actually are at greater risk of dying from the ordinary flu than from Covid. Actually anyone under 70 years of age is only at a tiny risk of dying from Covid. Basically everything you have been told about Covid and the “vaccine” is a total lie.

Covid is a bad flu. You do not want to catch it.

Enough people have taken the jab that serious numbers are flowing in about the real risk of the shot. In the UK government figures indicate that taking the jab doubles your risk of dying over those who didn’t take the jab. And with time and every extra shot more damage is going to happen to your immune system. All over the world emergency rooms are filling with people with all sorts of maladies related to the destruction of their immune system including heart attacks, strokes, embolism, cancer, and dozens of other life threatening problems.

Throughout the world people are waking up to the transfer of their freedom to the Davos Cartel. In Germany 10,000 doctors and 1,000 lawyers have sued their health officials requiring them to justify the totally illegal rules they are attempting to enforce. Riots are taking place in many countries about the lockdowns that don’t work and the shots that kill either at once or at their leisure but are sure to kill. People are angry but not as angry as they are going to get very soon.

The great die off has begun. The only issue is how many millions or billions will die as a result of criminal behavior on the part of the pharmaceutical companies, lying by governments aided by a “Ministry of Truth” lying mainstream media and those running countries such as Australia and New Zealand far better suited at running concentration camps.

Covid is a bad flu. You do not want to catch it.

As to the masks that didn’t work and the social distancing that didn’t work and the lockdowns that didn’t work and Remdesivir that likes to kill people, the doctors who forgot that once they swore to do no harm, the “vaccines” that aren’t and don’t work, you can believe one of three different things.

Everyone involved from CNN and the media to the medical authorities to heads of governments are dumber than bricks. And though the only problem was a bad flu season and no one was smart enough to ask the right questions, it was just stupidity.

Alternatively you can also believe that the CDC that gets $5 billion in funding yearly from patents on drugs and the guys running the pharmaceutical companies are little more than greedy crooks who are just interested in stealing everything they can. We have a fake pandemic so greedy bastards can make money.

Or you can come to the conclusion that this is all part of a giant wet dream of the Davos 1/10 of 1% who think they can do a far better job of running the world than the rest of humanity and are quite willing to kill off billions in the name of improving the climate for the elite.

Every day it looks more and more like this is all deliberate.

Welcome to The Dark Ages 2.0 where in the future those few who survive will be ruled by warlords and gang leaders. We are in for an interesting winter.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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