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Game, Set, Match
Putin Wins The Great Reset for Gold

Bob Moriarty

Mar 28, 2022

I have been writing about the potential fiasco in Ukraine for ten weeks now. I began in early January and predicted a disaster for Nato and the US should they continue their stupidity. They did. I continued with the same message.

How could I have been able to predict that the US would lose in any conflict with Putin? That’s simple. Brain dead idiots today in the most corrupt administration in American history lead the US. The President is senile and belongs in an old folks home wearing a diaper. The Vice President slept her way into high office and was selected on what wasn’t between her legs. The 3rd in the line of presidential succession seems to have lost it.

We now appoint people to the Federal Government based on color or sexual preference or sex. If you want an appointment to be in charge of Nuclear Waste for America you need to be a drag queen. No shit. When I was young I never saw anything resembling that. Even today, it’s clear that the person has a serious mental problem. He/she is a freak.

Likewise the Transgender Assistant Secretary of Health. She/he has two children with a female she/he was married to. Rachael Levine is another freak promoted strictly on the basis of sexual orientation. Look at this picture. Hint, if your doctor looks like this and you are counting on getting good health advice, you need to see another doctor.

I don’t care what her/his sexual preference may be. But we have gone so far overboard on political correctness that the top female swimmer in the US has a dick. What am I missing? A fully-grown guy, six foot two inches grows long hair and now claims to be a female and is allowed to compete with people without dicks. If she/he claimed to be an airplane, could she/he fly? Has that person no shame?

Since Biden took office after the most corrupt election in American history more than two million illegal immigrants have marched through what is essentially an open border. Of course someone is paying their way or all the Haitians flooding the border have developed an ability to swim to compete with Lia Thomas.

The most important piece I have written in just over twenty years of running this website was posted on March 1st of this year where I predicted that the sanctions imposed on Russia would end up destroying both the EU and the US.

In the past no one in America paid any attention to sanctions. We have had sanctions against Cuba for just short of sixty years. No one in the US really cared unless you happened to prefer Cuban cigars. Likewise when US sanctions against Iraq killed 1.5 million Iraqis no one in the US gave a damn or shed even a single crocodile tear even as they simply forgot that Saddam Hussein’s first paycheck came from the CIA as an assassin. He may have been a monster but he was our monster that we created. But the sanctions didn’t have even a slight effect on Americans.

With Russia it is different. First of all most of what you think you know about the war is a lie produced by the WEF, the CIA and the Neocons. If you think Zelensky is some sort of superman, take a gander at what the media of the world said about him in the past.

(Click on images to enlarge)

And if you actually care about the real monsters in the war, this is how the MSM used to write about them.

I have never seen before a propaganda barrage similar to what we are seeing today. The MSM is lying about everything. Putin demanded the US honor its promise to not expand Nato even one inch to the east. Putin’s being silly with that demand. He should have talked to a few Indian tribes in the US to see how good a job the US government is at doing what it promises.

Likewise Putin demanded Ukraine comply with the terms of the Minsk II agreement from 2016 where they agreed to stop shelling the Donbass region. It’s popular today to wear the colors of Ukraine just as if that makes you part of their team and to cry when you see an upset old woman or young child being forced to flee the nasty Russians. But no one shed even a single tear over the 14,000 mostly women and children murdered in Donbass since 2014 when the US sponsored a coup because they didn’t like the current president of Ukraine.

Sanctions are mostly feel good ways of virtual signaling. Sanctions never hurt the people at the top; they only kill children and the poor at the bottom who are barely getting by. No doubt that was what Biden and Nuland thought would happen this time. But these sanctions designed by the Rand Corporation in order to destroy Russia economically are already backfiring.

Make no bones about it. This war was created by and for the US and the WEF. Many other sites are starting to recognize what is really happening as opposed the narrative crammed down our throat on a daily basis.

But much to the great surprise of the US, the Neocons and the EU, sanctions work in both directions. When you attempt to cripple a major resource country such as Russia by killing their ability to sell their goods, you may have forgotten that in any transaction both sides have to have a benefit or the trade will not take place.

Obviously any attempt to cripple Russia’s energy market is going to have a giant effect on Germany and their industry that runs on Russian gas. Likewise between Ukraine and Russia, they export 30% of the wheat in the world. Countries are going to starve as a direct result of the sanctions.

But Putin has outsmarted his critics and haters. When the US and EU cut Russia out of the Swift system they fell into Putin’s trap. This is critical to understand. What happens in Ukraine is now utterly meaningless. Yes, a lot of people will die and it is both cruel and evil but the US and EU have just destroyed their own debt based financial system through the sanctions.

If the EU does not get natural gas and fuel from Russia they may as well plan on going back to being a third world shithole. Their economy relies on reasonably priced gas and energy. So when the sanctions were dumped on Putin, he just smiled. You see Russia has a lot of gold. Why should they depend on a debt-based system such as we have in the west? The US produces little and only thrives because they have had the world’s reserve currency for over 75 years. Well that just stopped.

Europe has to have Russian gas and energy. Europe and much of the rest of the world have to have neon for chips, palladium for emissions controls, wheat, corn, all sort of important commodities that other countries must have for their economy to function. What can those countries do if they have no way of paying for the goods they need?

Putin has an economics advisor who thought that out. Since accepting fiat dollars in exchange for real goods just stopped because you can’t bank with Russia any longer, they will accept gold.

In effect, as of today Russia is back on the gold standard. That is going to totally change how the world works financially. The debt based and interest system is history. It will take a while for people to understand it but Biden and the Neocons just took a shit in their own lunch bucket.

China and Russia have been buying up gold for years in anticipation of a major shift in how the financial system works. But putting sanctions on Russia and showing them that their reserves could be seized at any time for any reason it has forced them onto a safe and secure way of doing business. The US has had the world’s reserve currency for 77 years and it is past its sell by date. The sanctions are going to hurt the EU and US far more than Russia. And China just got the message. The US and Nato intend to have no competitors. This is the greatest geopolitical mistake in world history and the effects will reverberate for many years.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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