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Benchmark Warrants to Expire

Bob Moriarty

Nov 9, 2018

On Friday November 2, 2018 Benchmark shares closed over $.28 for ten days in a row. As a result about 2,098,315 million warrants will have a forced acceleration or expire in a month. The exercise price is $.225 so we will have an interesting situation where those who need to sell shares in order to exercise will hold down the price artificially.

It’s a hell of a deal for both shareholders and the company. Exercise of all of the warrants will bring in about $472,120 in cash. Patient shareholders have picked up some cheap shares. Any other potential shareholders will find the Benchmark shares on the sales table until December 10th.

Benchmark is an advertiser. I own shares bought in the open market. Do your own due diligence.

Benchmark Metals Inc
BNCH-V $.275 (Nov 6, 2018)
CYRTF-OTCBB 37.9 million shares
Benchmark Metals website


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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