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Masks are for Sheep

Bob Moriarty

Sep 19, 2020

Many years ago before I got too old and too lazy to go to gold shows, one of the other fellows running a gold site came up to me grinning as he told me his site had just started to exceed 321gold in hits. That was his goal. He wanted more visitors than what we got. I asked him why I should give a damn. We didn’t want tons of visitors. We wanted serious investors.

That took him off guard. Well, he probably still gets more visitors than we do but we have by far the best investors. And the most knowledgeable. One of them is a world famous designer of masks. He sent me something about masks and he is an expert.

I was trained as a chemist. A large part of my professional career was working in various parts of the filtration industry.

Surgical masks were not designed as filters and were not intended to be used as filters. Surgical masks were designed to be used by surgeons standing face down over an operating table holding a patient with an open wound. The surgeon wearing the mask would be able to talk to others in the room without discharging spittle droplets into the patient's wound. Spittle droplets are large and can cause infection. 

I witnessed a test of surgical masks. Small plaster particles were generated in a room. They were visible as a white dust in the air. A man was properly fitted with a surgical mask and spent a short time in the room. When he came out the mask was removed. A camera was focused on the man’s face. The entire area that had been covered by the mask was coated by the white dust. The camera showed that his nostrils and his mouth had been penetrated by the white dust. The dust particles were measured and found to be around 40 micrometers in diameter. The particles that penetrated the mask were the same diameter. 

Covid-19 virus molecules are about 0.1 micrometers in diameter. That is 400 times smaller than the plaster particles that penetrated the mask. 

Surgical masks will not prevent the wearer from inhaling or exhaling viruses or bacteria. They provide absolutely no protection for either the wearer or anyone nearby. They create a very dangerous false sense of security for everyone. They also force the wearer to rebreathe carbon dioxide which will, over time, reduce the wearer's blood oxygen level. That can become very dangerous especially for older people.

This farce is being promoted by sleazy politicians who believe that if they can convince people that they are protecting them or creating a safe environment for them by pushing this mask farce those people will re-elect them.
All politicians pushing this dangerous mask farce should be voted out of office as soon as possible.

Masks are for sheep. They can’t possibly work for humans. They are a “feel good” solution and no more than that.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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