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Aztec Advancing a Pair of Gold Projects   

Bob Moriarty

Aug 24, 2023

Much to my great surprise, gold and silver seem to be awaking from a deep sleep. To my great pleasure as well. I think the period between now and October will be a good to be picking the low hanging fruit.

One of the low hanging fruits that I own and follow would be Aztec Minerals. (AZT-V) Aztec has two potential company making projects, the Tombstone silver/gold projectlocated near Tombstone Arizona and the Cervantes gold project in Sonora Mexico.

I've been to see the Tombstone property some ten years or so ago when it was in another company. It's quite interesting. Between 1878 and 1939 the property produced 12 million ounces of silver along with 240 k ounces of gold, 65 million pounds of lead and 1.1 million pounds of zinc from 1.5 million tonnes of ore. Past drill results include 67 meters of 1.60 AuEq and 93 meters of 1.07 AuEq.

Likewise with the Cervantes Sonora gold project, there are a lot of solid good intercepts from that last two drill programs including 137 meters of 1.49 g/t gold including 51.7 meters of 3.42 g/t Au. Also 165 meters of 1.00 g/t Au including 24.2 meters of 4.25-g/t gold.

The company is in the process of closing a $1 million private placement mostly intended for a 14-hole 2100-meter drill program at Cervantes. The company will begin drilling in mid-September and finish in a month with the first results estimated to come out starting around the end of October.

Aztec was $.40 a share as recently as the last week of April of this year and dribbled down by 50% since then with no negative indications. They are grandfathered in Sonora so recent government changes in Mexico will not affect them. There is nothing wrong with the shares except bored investors.

Aztec is an advertiser. I have participated in the latest private placement so I am biased. Do your own due diligence.

Aztec Minerals
AZT-V $.22 95 million shares
Aztec Minerals website


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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