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My Favorite French Songbird has Released Another Hit Single

Bob Moriarty

Oct 13, 2022

As my regular readers know, I am living for now in a tiny French village in the south of the country not far from the Spanish border. The food is great, weather mild and the people wonderful. The government is totally screwed up and run by fools but what is different from the mental midgets running the rest of the world?

Good friends of mine who have a weekend home in the village have a beautiful daughter who is clearly a songbird. Her first public appearance was on the French version of The Voice in 2018. She is every bit that beautiful. She gets her looks and her talent from her mother who could pass as her older sister. She gets her mane of hair from her father.

She has a totally new song out on the 12th of October and I would love to share it with my readers. The song is called Comme une bulle.

I will admit I am not familiar with downloading music so forgive any errors I have made.


Bob Moriarty
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