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Cancer Cure Remembers

Bob Moriarty
May 30, 2014

I wrote about an interesting company working on a cancer cure back in early March of 2014. The company is named TheraLASE Technology. (TLT-V)

TheraLASE gets their cash flow from a device called the TLC-1000 Cold Laser but they are working on a technology of far more importance. The Cold Laser device stimulates regrowth and eliminates pain. The company has sold or leased so many devices that they speak of having treated over 1 million patients successfully.

The company is testing a new process using Photo Dynamic Therapy. PDT uses special light sensitive compounds that react to light of a certain frequency. The company tries to match a certain PDT compound to a certain cancer. When the PDT is put into contact with the cancer, the theory is that the compound binds with only the cancer cells and when exposed to the special laser light, the cancer cells are killed but not the healthy cells.

While conducting research at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto the company exposes mice with colon cancer cells. If untreated, the mice get colon cancer and die. When treated with TheraLASE’s patented PDC and exposed to the correct laser light, in the vast majority of cases, the tumors are destroyed. The mice really like that.

But TheraLASE discovered something totally unexpected. When the same healed mice were re-exposed to the same number of cancer cells two to three weeks later, they either showed a small tumor regrowth, which quickly regressed, or no tumor growth at all. This suggests the TheraLASE PDT creates some sort of memory response to the cancer.

One of the big problems with all cancer treatments is getting all of the cancer cells. It’s virtually impossible to do no matter what treatment is used. The bodies of perfectly healthy people are exposed to cancer cells on a constant basis and the immune system kills the cancer cells. With less healthy people who have cancer, often the cancer returns requiring more treatment or eventually killing the patient.

With the TheraLASE PDT in these mice treated, some sort of immunity or memory response was created by use of the PDC and laser light. That came as a giant surprise to everyone involved. It suggests the possibility of creating an affordable and practical vaccine to prevent cancer recurrence.

Need I remind our readers how valuable a vaccine to cure a cancer would be? Roger Dumoulin-White, President and CEO of TheraLASE describes the implications of this discovery as a game changer.

I’d say he has that exactly right.

TheraLASE is an advertiser and of course I am biased. As always, take some responsibility for your own due diligence.

TheraLASE Technology
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