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Prigozhin Comes Down With a Case of the 36-Hour Coup

Bob Moriarty

Jun 26, 2023

On June 22nd I predicted a false flag operation on the part of the US/Nato.

I was wrong.

We didn’t have a false flag operation.

We had two.

The first, of course, was the action of the two leading Neocon criminal warmongers in the Senate, Lindsey Graham and Richard Blumenthal in sponsoring a Senate Resolution to invoke Article V of the Nato Treaty requiring all Nato nations to respond to any attack on one nation in the case of radioactive release from any nuclear power plant in Ukraine. Their timing was perfect in giving Zelensky a green light to attack the largest Nuclear Power Plant in Europe. They announced the resolution on June 22, in time to use the aircraft and troops in the just completed Nato war games that concluded on June 23rd.

So if Zelensky can target the power plant controlled by the Russians, the US will launch a nuclear first strike on Russia. We already know just how that will end. Russia showed us in the last two weeks by destroying sixteen of the thirty German $20 million Leopard 2 tanks with the use of $20,000 Lancet suicide drones controlled by $1,000 hobby drones. That took two days. You can do the math.

If the United States is intent on committing suicide, a first strike on Russia would certainly qualify. Russia has destroyed the Nato trained and equipped Ukrainian army and killed hundreds of thousands of their soldiers using weapons and tactics far superior to those of the US/Nato.

But one of the acts of President Obama during 2012 in the first of his three terms was to allow the US government the use of pure propaganda. Everything you now read or hear from the media in the US originated in the Ministry of Truth.

But I said that we had two false flags and have only talked about one. The second requires some knowledge of the use of mercenaries best explained by Niccolò Machiavelli in The Prince.

Among the different types of arms that a prince may use for his defense, there are his own troops, mercenary troops, auxiliary troops, and composite troops. Machiavelli explains that mercenary and auxiliary troops "are useless" and he encourages rulers to avoid employing them. Machiavelli states that mercenary troops are dangerous because "there is no loyalty or inducement to keep them on the field apart from the little they are paid . . . [which] is not enough to make them want to die for you." Machiavelli believes that mercenaries are more likely to desert and he blames "the present ruin of Italy" on its rulers' reliance on mercenary forces. When Charles VIII of France invaded and conquered Italy, he showed the Italians that their mercenaries are worthless and the Italians suffered the consequences for their misguided dependence on these forces.

Mercenary commanders "are either skilled in warfare or they are not," but in both instances they lead to ruin. If they are skilled, then they are more anxious to advance their own agenda than to serve their employer. If they are not skilled, then they will lose battles and ruin the prince "in the normal way." Machiavelli cites the Romans, Spartans, and Swiss as examples of states that maintained their sovereignty by raising their own armies. By contrast, the Carthaginians were nearly ruined by their reliance on mercenaries. Machiavelli offers Francesco Sforza as a modern example of the danger of mercenary troops, recounting how Sforza, a mercenary of Milan, eventually subjugated his employers and installed himself as the duke of Milan. Machiavelli does concede that the Florentines and Venetians have achieved some conquests with mercenary troops, although he attributes these successes to luck.

Discussing the Venetians' use of mercenaries, Machiavelli tells
the story of how Venice, in "one day's engagement," lost the territory that it had taken them "eight hundred years' exertion to conquer." With this example, Machiavelli declares, "Mercenary armies bring only slow, belated, and feeble conquests, but sudden, startling defeat." Machiavelli then turns to the history of other Italian states that have relied on mercenaries, arguing that the priests-turned-popes and the citizens-turned-princes who have come to dominate Italy rely on mercenaries due to their lack of experience in military matters. As a result of Italian's reliance on foreign troops, the French, Spanish, and Swiss have overrun Italy. The Italians' mercenary troops have fought weakly, attempting to avoid "both exertion and danger" and therefore failing in the war. Machiavelli concludes that mercenaries "have led Italy into slavery."

Yevgeny Prigozhin headed the Wagner Private Military Company (PMC). The Wagner PMC troops are mercenaries. While they suffered a lot of losses in taking Bakhmut, the Ministry of Truth made them out to be more than they really were. Prigozhin has been a loose cannon for months. On Friday June 23rd, the same day the Nato war games were scheduled to end, the Wagner group staged what appeared to be a coup d’état with the seeming intent to take down Putin.

Then he set up the coup to begin at the perfect time and date for Nato indicates just whom Prigozhin really worked for. Former Marine Scott Ritter did an excellent and short YT clip yesterday.

The 36-hour coup sorta worked. The Russians bombed the convoy headed for Moscow and there were a few Russian aircraft shot down. The coup was not entirely bloodless.

Early Saturday morning Hal Turner reported that the Wagner people took control of a military airfield in Buturlinovka some three hundred and fifty miles south of Moscow. I highly suggest that the US was prepared to order a first strike on Russia based on the Wagner Group having illegal control of nuclear weapons. I also think the crews of the B-52s standing by on the border of Russia were starting to pull the safety pins out of the nuclear weapons they carried. WW III was just that close.

The President of Belarus sat down with Prigozhin and told him that while he had 25,000 heavily armed men working for him there was forty times that many working for Putin. Prigozhin was promised sanctuary in Belarus and that no reprisals would be taken against his men.

The nice thing about mercenaries is that they can always be bought. I suspect Prigozhin was told that hearses don’t come with luggage racks. When you are in a coffin it doesn’t matter how rich you used to be. You are still dead.

We remain in the most dangerous period in world history. The monster Neocons are still pushing the sock puppet in the White House to nuke Russia. I know that Putin has excellent intelligence and he was both forewarned and prepared to stop Yevgeny Prigozhin in his tracks. If there is a nuclear exchange I think he will demand payment from those who initiated either the useless war or a nuclear attack on Russia.

As a result of the coup, Putin is not weaker, he is stronger and Ukraine is still losing tens of thousands of soldiers a month. We really need to end the carnage.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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