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Fauci, the CDC and NIH Lied While Americans Died

Bob Moriarty

Jan 13, 2022

If there is any justice in the world there will be war crimes trials starting soon once Omicron puts the Plandemic fiasco in the graveyard. I believe Fauci, Gates, Soros, the CDC, the NIH and the sock puppets working for the MSM should be put on a televised trial in an international tribunal. They should be given free legal representation of the very best lawyers in the world and upon conviction for crimes against humanity sentenced to death publicly televised to the entire world firing squad.

I would volunteer to the duty of administering the coup de grâce. I would gladly pay for the bullets to put them in the heads of the cocksuckers responsible for the deaths of millions in the world already and potentially hundreds of millions. They created and supported the use of a bioweapon designed and paid for by both the Chinese and Americans to cause depopulation on behalf of the monsters from Davos.

Operating under the theory that if you lie long enough and loud enough eventually everyone will believe you no longer works where there is an Internet. The ogres who designed this monstrosity have lost control of the narrative. The MSM and Big Pharma lose credibility every day as more and more of their crimes are exposed. There are too many independent voices. I’m not saying the Internet is the fountain of truth. It isn’t. There are lots of liars on the Internet. But eventually even the densest of people are waking up to what is really going on.

Papers just released through Project Veritas prove that the whole Plandemic was a preplanned operation. Official numbers suggest that in the world 5.4 million have been murdered with nearly 900,000 in the US alone. I use the term “murdered” not in any casual way but it is the most accurate term to use.

Recently the CDC admitted masks don’t work. I was posting information from a mask designer in August of 2020 saying the same thing. I have maintained for eighteen months that no “vaccine” would ever work. Now we have common ground between the pro-vaxers and the anti-vaxers for the first time.

All agree that “vaccine” doesn’t cure Covid, doesn’t prevent Covid and doesn’t prevent passing Covid around from those “vaxed.” As of the 1st of January the CDC removed the approval of the use of the fatally flawed PCR test for the very simple reason it never worked. I knew that and so did my readers.

But the most important information from the top-secret documents exposed by Veritas is proof that the CDC and Fauci knew as early as April of 2020 that both Ivermectin and HCQ were effective treatment for the bad flu we call Covid.

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Fauci is at the head of the list of mass murderers. His agency knew in 2005 that HCQ was effective against covid viruses. Instead of allowing the use of inexpensive medicines of known safety Fauci and the CDC demanded American doctors only use an exceptionally dangerous drug known by the name of Remdesivir.

Fauci claimed that Remdesivir had been proven both safe and effective against the virus based on a trial used against Ebola in 2018-2019. He failed to mention that 54% of the people who died in the test died of kidney failure because the drug was so dangerous. Use in US hospitals since 2020 as the required treatment has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans from kidney failure with death rates showing between 25-45% of those treated with the drug. And Fauci knew all along how deadly the drug is.

The French medical authorities tested Remdesivir but only on five patients. Two died of kidney failure while two others required kidney transplants but one patient managed to survive without life threatening events. The WHO does not support the use of Remdesivir and the only country using it is the US.

Fauci and the MSM like to whine about how Lara Logan made a comparison between Fauci and Dr. Josef Mengele of Nazi war crimes fame. Of course the comparison was outrageous and unfair. Mengele was a bit player compared to Fauci. The comparison is totally unfair because if Mengele had personally shot every one of the 1.1 million people murdered at Auschwitz it would pale in comparison to the blood on the hands of Fauci.

The now obviously ineffective shots pretending to be a “vaccine” are legal only under an Emergency Use Authorization issued by the CDC. When the NIH, Fauci and the CDC issued those EUAs it was under the guise of being legal and necessary only because there were no alternatives. How many people in the world would have been alive today if those monsters had been honest in April of 2020 when they knew there were safe and inexpensive alternatives?

The whole Mass Hysteria event could have and should have been stopped in its tracks. But Fauci, the CDC, the NIH are all owned and operated by Big Pharma. They control all the grant money and the vast majority of US doctors; indeed doctors throughout the world have sold their souls for thirty pieces of silver.

Don’t even get me started on how evil it is to force the jab on pregnant women and children with little or no testing done of potential patients who were at no risk from the flu but are dying in droves as a result of taking a shot that doesn’t work that they didn’t need.

Evil is alive in the world today and until we extinguish it it will grow and thrive.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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