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Reviewing The Coming Renewal of Gold’s Secular Bull Market

Bob Moriarty

Sep 21, 2015

Over the past 14 years I have visited hundreds of mining projects and met about all of the writers about things financial. I’d guess 75% of the junior mining companies I know of are little more than pump and dumps run by a bunch of guys not interested in anything except writing big checks for management and issuing more options to themselves every time the stock hits a new low. Some 75% of the newsletter writers are either parrots doing nothing but mouthing the words they heard someone else say or running their own pump and dumps. The number of really good quality and original writers would be under ten or so.

We post the very best writers we can find no matter if I agree with them or not. I’m not running some kind of site where we think for you and tell you what to do. The very least we expect of our readers is that they think for themselves. So often you can read one person saying gold is going to $800 an ounce shortly and another talking about how gold is about to boom higher. I don’t know for certain if either is true but one of them might be true.

One of the people I have followed for years and been on a couple of mining tours with is Jordan Roy-Byrne. He runs a website and service named The Daily Gold that costs $150 every six months. It’s excellent value and well worth reading. Naturally the last four years has hurt everyone talking about gold shares but Jordan Roy-Byrne is going to make a lot of money for his readers in the coming gold boom.

Like me, Jordan believes gold has been in a bear market for the last four years but is going to resume the bull soon. Basically, the worse the bear, the better and bigger the bull.

Jordan has written a free book titled The Coming Renewal of Gold’s Secular Bull Market. You will want to download it and read it if you have any interest in gold or gold stocks.

Contents Introduction (6)

Chapter 1: What Really Drives Gold (8)

Chapter 2: Bear Market, not Bubble Collapse (20)

Chapter 3: Current Valuations (28)

Chapter 4: Fundamental Drivers for the Next Bull Cycle (41)

Chapter 5: Precious Metals’ Relationship to US Stock Market (50)

Chapter 6: Why US Equities Will Underperform (59)

Chapter 7: About Gold Stocks (75)

Chapter 8: Criteria for Selecting Junior Gold Companies (85)

Chapter 9: Bull Projections (93)

Chapter 10: Concluding Thoughts (105)

Chapter 11: August 2015 Update (109)

The book covers what really moves the price of gold and how gold was not in a bubble, the past four years was just a correction. It is up to date and gives Jordan’s projections for the price of gold and silver in the future.

I encourage anyone interested in gold investments to download and read the book. I think it will encourage you to subscribe to his excellent service.

Download here


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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