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Aztec Drilling Tombstone Q3

Bob Moriarty

Jun 11, 2020

The investing climate today is far more dangerous than I have ever seen in my life. Last week American Airlines shares doubled in four days. That has never happened in history. Hertz, which just happens to be in bankruptcy, went from $.82 to $5.62 in four days. That’s pretty remarkable for a stock soon to be valued at an even ZERO.

I’m going to format this piece in a different way than I usually do so no one is confused by what I have to say. I will start off by saying, I have a best selling book that makes a great point that there are no gurus. Period. Including me. The very best I can do is use a combination of facts and logic to come to conclusions that hopefully you can invest on.

All the gurus ever do is feed a line of bullshit made up of their opinions of how the world works but if you look at Turd Ferguson and Bill Murphy and Ted Butler you can go back twenty years and never find a prediction they made that actually came true. So if you like a steady feed of bullshit you know where to go to get it but my readers want to make money, not feed their fantasies.

  1. Opinion. We know the Fed is pouring money into the system and has been since last September. But the problem they are trying to solve is a solvency issue, not a liquidity issue therefore their efforts must fail. They have made the 1% half a trillion dollars richer and led the 99% down a path to bankruptcy. Civil disorder happens when the divide between rich and poor get too wide. We are there now and it will get worse.
  2. Opinion. Hyperinflation happens when people lose faith in their currency. Such as Zimbabwe but not Japan that is just as bad but the Japanese people believe in their currency. At such time as the riots and looting and road to tyranny gets too crowded, we easily could have hyperinflation. I believe that both the stock market and bond market are going to crash. At some point there will be a rush into gold and silver. And commodities.
  3. Fact. Commodities are at the cheapest relative to the stock market in history. Mining shares are the cheapest relative to the price of gold and silver. That bodes well for the future of all resource stocks and while my readers know the shares I love, when the wind is strong enough, even the turkeys fly. The POS stocks may well do better on a relative basis than the solid producers and explorers.
  4. Opinion. We are in the depression I have called for years. It is here and now. The general population is neither prepared nor aware of the ramifications. We will have the greatest transfer of wealth in world history from those who aren’t prepared to those who are prepared.

There are bunches of good solid, well run juniors with 50 bagger potential. Part is because of the value in resources in hyperinflation, part is due to the fact that the door into the resource sector is tiny and a lot of people are going to try to get through at the same time and it will get crowded.

Buy what is cheap and sell what is expensive. If your goal is to make money rake some profit off the table on a regular basis.

We have a new advertiser with projects in both Arizona and Sonora. I’ve been to the Tombstone project years ago and I had a gold project of my own near their property on the Rio Yaqui River. Their Mexican copper/gold porphyry project is a 65% owned JV with Kootenay Silver and called the Cervantes deposits.

Aztec has identified eleven targets with seven being ready to drill. Prior drilling in 2017/2018 gave results of as high as 160 meters of 0.77 g/t gold with excellent gold recovery after crushing and leaching.

While I believe the Sonora project is good, I really like Aztec’s Arizona CRD project at Tombstone. The company is getting sniffs of a potentially massive CRD (Carbonate Replacement Deposit) below the existing workings of mines going back to the 19th Century. Drilling is planned for Q3 of 2020. CRD deposits tend to be very large.

Aztec is earning a 75% interest in the project by spending $1 million in exploration after paying $100,000 in cash and issuing 1 million shares to their partner Baroyeca Gold and Silver over three years.

With 41 million shares outstanding and a price of $.375 per share AZT has a market cap of about $15 million CAD. The market will want to see progress made and some drill results before moving the stock higher but both projects have high potential.

Aztec is an advertiser and I have participated in a private placement. That makes me biased so do your own due diligence.

Aztec Minerals
AZT-V $.36 
41 million shares

Aztec Minerals website


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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