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Miramont Prepares Phase 1 Drill Program

Bob Moriarty

Mar 9, 2018

Miramont is a brand new, only trading since November, exploration company focused on Southern Peru. Quinton Hennigh of Novo Resources and Irving Resources fame is the chairman of the board. I wrote about the company when they first went public.

The four-month hold on the shares ends on the 15th of March and the shares become free trading the next day. Miramont issued 30 million shares that are affected. We can safely predict there will be a price drop, actually it has already started. The shares were issued at $.30 so that pretty much will act as a floor. Many people like to take a profit, even a small one, and hold the warrants. It makes sense but it also gives new investors a chance to pick up some cheap shares.

On the 26th of February company President and CEO William Pincus released the results of an IP and geophysical survey on their Cerro Hermoso diatreme property. As predicted the results verified much of the data already put together by Miramont. The area has a number of mines operating between the 1960s and 1990s. The next step is to file for drill permits.

Mapping has shown an expanded area of known mineralization at surface to about 4 square km. There are three primary targets, for gold, the Central Breccia Zone. For copper, gold and silver the Stockworks Zone and for zinc, copper and silver, the Carbonate Replacement Zone.

Samples from the Central Breccia Zone have shown values of up to 18 g/t gold. The Stockworks Zone has generated assays of 10 g/t gold, 500 g/t silver and 3.9% copper. Historic records from the Carbonate Replacement Zone show samples as high as 15%.

For the first phase at Cerro Hermoso the company has budgeted $1.5 million. Obviously with any apparent mineralization MONT will expand the drill program as appropriate. They expect to begin drilling in the April/May time frame; it’s dependent on how long the drill permits take to be approved. The company is well cashed up with about $5.5 million on hand.

Quinton Hennigh is the Chairman of the Board and acts as a consultant to the company for geological purposes. He loves both of the company’s projects. I’ve been to Southern Peru and seen similar projects. This is not a pie in the sky project. They have the geological data, money in the bank and broad company management. You are not going to have to wait five years to see traction.

I bought shares from a private investor in the predecessor company (Puno) and I participated in the private placement. I have a ton of faith in anything Quinton Hennigh is part of. And I have spent a bit of time with William Pincus on the phone. The company is a sleeper for now but that won’t be true when the drill results come in. Meanwhile there will be a liquidity event next week and everyone has the opportunity to be buying shares at about the same price as the original investors four months ago.

Insiders hold 32% of the shares.

On the negative side, I am not a fan of C Exchange shares in Canada. They aren’t very liquid. And the company needs a US listing soon. I hate to whine but those are negatives that will make shares hard to buy for some investors.

The company is an advertiser. I am a shareholder from both Puno and in the PP and naturally that makes me biased. I plan on visiting the property in June. The company has an excellent presentation that I highly encourage all potential investors to view.

Miramont Resources
MONT-C $.34 (Mar 08, 2018)
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