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Nice Drill Results

Bob Moriarty
Oct 27, 2009

Nothing gives me greater enjoyment than visiting a project where management says what they are going to do and then does it. Mining isn't as bad as the computer business. I get lied to about 50% of the time now but when Barbara and I ran an Internet computer sales business 10 years ago, we got lied to all the time. I should be grateful.

I wrote about my recent visit to Focus Ventures project in Peru a few weeks ago. I want to remind you of something I said in the piece, "A good hole or two and the market cap will jump."

I was not being unfair, the company is a new company with a new project and with a $17 million dollar market, and it was fairly priced. In the past three weeks, the stock went up about 18% for those who were willing to bet on the promises of management.

Initial drill results are out and they are excellent. David Cass, President of Focus supervised the four-hole program for 405 meters total. All four holes hit gold from the surface. Hole #3 showed an incredible 3.66 g/t gold from the surface for 69.6 meters. That's about $135 rock. That's a hell of a hole.

Focus will now conduct a larger Phase II program to determine tonnage potential. I expect it to be as successful as the first phase.

We are biased, Focus is a advertiser. We do not share in your losses nor do we share in your profit. You don't pay a cent for the privilege of reading my hard work so do take some responsibility for your own due diligence.

Focus Ventures Ltd
FCV-V $1.00 (Oct 26, 2009)
FCVLF-OTCBB 19 million shares fully diluted
Focus website

Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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