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America’s Dumbest War

Bob Moriarty

Jan 13, 2023

According to documents put out by a report service working for Congress the US has launched 251 foreign military interventions in the last thirty years. The report also says the US started more than 80% of all military conflicts since the end of World War II.

We are in luck because the US (Stanford University IT Department says that using the words America or American should be forbidden) may well have fought their next to last war because it is having unintended consequences no one could have forecast. Actually that is not true either. They were forecast.

Before I dive into why this war is so obscenely stupid and self destructive, I’d like to comment about something I have learned about life in general.

To succeed overall, you need to be good at something. It could be singing. It could be writing. It could be working as a mechanic or a cook. Actually it could be nearly anything. You just need to find something you are good at.

Once you find something that you are good at, you need to do more of it. Frankly there are a couple of things I am good at that somehow manage to pay the bills but there are hundreds of more tasks I am pretty useless at. So do more of what you are good at and less of the things you are not good at and you will get along just fine.

Can I give you a classic example?

Let’s say you work for the government. You got your job because basically you are a freak. You think that you would make a great luggage thief. You take a flight; you stand around the luggage area after the flight and see a bag you would like so you walk off with it. Alas, the baggage area has cameras all over so you get caught.

That would be something you would not be good at. So you should avoid doing it in the future for a happy life. While you didn’t actually get fired for being a freak and a thief, you are not better off; you are worse off so you should avoid doing that again.

But you are a freak working for Biden/Obama so you steal a second high value piece of luggage from a totally different airport after a different flight. Also equipped with dozens of totally different cameras. You get caught a second time.

If you are good at something do more of it.

If you are bad at something, do less of it.

Else there will be consequences.

In the Biden administration being a freak is not an opportunity killer. It’s a basic requirement. And it’s not really the Biden administration because Biden himself is pretty much a freak. He should be in an old folk’s home wearing diapers. Or at least wearing diapers. But this is really the third term of the Obama administration with Obama pulling the strings of his minions, Susan Rice, Victoria Nuland and Avril Haines.

If you were good at fighting wars or even just stealing luggage from airports clearly you should focus on that for a happy life. Alternatively, if you are not good at fighting wars or stealing luggage, you should probably avoid both.

If I was to go down the list of the 251 interventions since 1990 I could probably find one or two that clearly America somehow was better off. It might be a stretch to conclude that. After all, wars are bloody expensive and well, bloody.

I was in a war once. We lost. Big surprise. I came to the conclusion that no one really wins any war. All that happens is that one side loses a lot more than the other and eventually realizes it is something they are not good at so they stop fighting.

Saying America won World War II is actually silly. First of all we lost 415,000 of our young men and it cost a lot of money. And you should take into account the fact that the Soviet Union actually fought the 80% of the Germans who died. So if anyone “won” World War II, it wasn’t the US.

But you couldn’t possibly have 251 conflicts in thirty years without someone being better off. That of course would be the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) that both Eisenhower and MacArthur warned us about. The MIC doesn’t care about winning a war. They certainly don’t care about how many young Americans die fighting stupid wars. Their blood represents dividend checks for Raytheon or Lockheed-Martin or DuPont. We now have the MIC running the Defense Department with the FBI, the CIA and the DOJ responsible for determining whom the figurehead president should be.

But to give them credit where credit is due, the MIC and CIA have done the most magnificent job possible with the war in Ukraine. They took a clown running the most corrupt country in Europe, perhaps in the world, that stole millions of dollars from his fellow Ukrainians and murdered another 14,000. Elected on a platform of ending the conflict with Russia and eliminating widespread corruption, he did neither and seems to be controlled by very real Nazis.

The CIA and MIC managed to convince Switzerland and the Pope to give up their historic neutrality to support a grifter whose most impressive talent seems to be playing the piano with his dick. The Pope and Switzerland were neutral in World War I. They were neutral in World War II. They were neutral in Korea and Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan. Gaza never drew their support but for the biggest con man running a country today was worth giving up their neutrality. Now that is some magnificent disinformation.

There are those who believe every word coming out of the CIA is a lie. I’m not one of them. I have followed the actions of the CIA for a long time. I should, they were responsible for the death of my nephew in Jordan six years ago. But they haven’t always lied all the time. In early February of 1981 at a meeting in the White House CIA Director William Casey was quoted as saying, "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false."

In our latest and dumbest possible war, literally everything Americans are being told about the war is a lie. It isn’t a war between Russian and Ukraine, it is a war between Nato and Russia laid out in a Rand Report from 2019 telling the DOD exactly how to drag Russia into a land war and then bleed them dry and carve up the pieces. I hope the US didn’t pay very much for that report because there is a basic flaw to it. First of all, it is foolish to tell a potential enemy your intentions and more important is something I learned in Vietnam.

While you are busy coming up with a really great and slick way to defeat your enemy, what do you think your enemy is doing?

He’s doing exactly the same thing.

But Russia was dealing with the real world of combat and Washington was dealing with their own fantasy world. Now they are learning that fighting someone closer to your own weight is a whole lot harder to win than bombing the shit out of wedding parties and sheepherders.

I should point out here that while we understand now that Covid was a product of the Wuhan Laboratory and the entire Covid response was under the control of the DOD as a US paid for Bioweapon, everyone has forgotten what I just said above. While we prepare for how we are going to defeat the enemy, the enemy is doing exactly the same thing.

I bought a small hen house and I keep a few chickens for eggs. I know this whole fiasco could get very ugly quickly. And I happened to be doing some research into the terrible issues China has had in the last few years with swine flu. China consumes half the pork in the world. In 2018-2019 the African Swine Flu killed up to half the pigs in China, that’s 300 to 350 million porkers. If we can wage bio warfare on China as a way of harming them, would it also be possible for them to do the same to the US? Here is a full report on Avian Bird Flu in the US.

It seems it might be true. Here is a picture of a supermarket in Denver from last week. Notice there are no eggs left.

As the Defense Minister of Ukraine admitted, Ukraine is a de facto member of Nato, equipped and trained to Nato standards. Unfortunately Nato standards are not very high and Ukraine is getting their asses kicked. I’ve seen estimates of as little as 100,000 Ukrainian deaths in their soldiers to as high as 500,000.

Ukraine has lost the war.

I knew that in March as well as being one of the first to understand that buying into the sanctions was suicide for Europe. Now everyone understands it was suicide. A recent report said that somewhere between 30,000 and 300,000 Europeans would freeze this winter due to the cost of energy. If Europe has a mild winter and it has been mild so far, only 30,000 may die. If on the other hand Europe gets hit with a cold spell as the Northeast US did recently, then 300,000 will die. And no one has even tried to guess how many Europeans will starve to death because they cannot afford to pay for energy and also eat.

Another report put the increased cost of energy to the EU since February at $1.06 trillion. Folks, the 300,000 deaths due to freezing, the unknown number of deaths due to starvation and excess cost of energy of $1.06 trillion is suicide in my book to fight a war that should have never taken place.

It should have and could have ended in March with Ukraine agreeing to basically what the terms Putin demanded in November of 2021. Ukraine was to stop shelling Donbas, adhere to the terms of the Minsk II agreement and accept the land positions as of February 24th.

Then Boris Johnson, already on the skids and about to be thrown out of office on his ass, stepped in and reminded Zelensky that if Nato and the US contributed tens of billions more to Ukraine, there would be a great opportunity for Zelensky to buy a real mansion in Miami with some of the proceeds. Zelensky reportedly was prepared to agree to terms with Russia and backed down after careful reconsideration. As a result he has now totally destroyed Ukraine.

Nato has painted itself into a corner with their own lies all along. Recently former Ukraine president Poshenko admitted, "Ukraine was never going to implement the Minsk Agreement." And if that is not enough to show you who the good guys were and who the liars were, former German Chancellor Merkel admits that she signed the agreement on behalf of Germany understanding that she had no intention of forcing Ukraine to adhere to the terms of the agreement. French President Hollande admitted the same.

One day very soon when Russia shows Nato and the US what Shock and Awe really means, the EU is going to wake up to what they have allowed the US to do to them from the terrorist bombing of Nord Stream to the universe class stupidity of the EU in subscribing to the sanctions which have hurt them far worse than they did hurt Russia. And the US is laughing at Europe for falling for it. Blinken wanted Europe and especially Germany and France to know that the US wants Europe to fail. The Nord Stream sabotage is a “Tremendous Opportunity.” That is a tremendous opportunity to pay four to ten times as much for gas from the United States rather than pay for inexpensive gas from Russia.

It is dangerous to be an enemy of the United States but it is far worse to be a friend of the United States.

Russia is a neighbor to Germany; Russia is a neighbor to France. Russia has not threatened or harmed either of those nations. You may have a neighbor you don’t particularly like. But Russia is still their neighbor. In your own self-interest you should be trying to figure out how to get along.

Putin's biggest sin was to sell low cost energy to Europe so they could succeed and prosper.

I've heard it said that no good deed goes unpunished. That seems to be the case here.

I've also heard it said that those who live by the sword shall die by the sword.

Wait until the EU realizes that mending a broken Ukraine is going to cost well over $350 billion and take years. They need to understand the US isn’t going to pay for it. Ukraine is their neighbor. They broke it. They need to figure out how to pay for fixing it.

If you recall above I talked about this incredibly stupid and useless war being the next to last war for the American Empire. The last war seems to have started. When the FBI and CIA pick who they want as president, when elections have been bought and paid for by guys like Mark Zuckerberg, when the courts simply ignore obvious election fraud there are potential unintended consequences in a nation of 330 million people and 395 million guns.

We started seeing that recently. Newsweek reported in early January of 2023 how the US electrical grid was attacked 107 times in the first eight months of 2022 with additional attacks taking place in December that cut off power supplies to 40,000 customers in North Carolina and 14,000 people were without power in Washington state after attacks just before Christmas. You can put a lot of holes in a lot of transformers with 395 million guns.

Many Americans fear either a revolution in the US or a Civil War. To me I would bet on a civil war. It may well have started with attacks on half a dozen Democrat officials in New Mexico in the last few weeks alone. The problem is of course a lot of people who feel that corruption in the political arena is out of control and it may be time for individuals to take action on their own. I’m not suggesting that I approve but I will say I understand.

The Russia/Ukraine war was momentously stupid on the part of the US. The EU going along with the sanctions like lap dogs for the US will lead to the end of Nato when Europe realizes they have been duped into supporting a war not in their best interests. The increase in energy costs are destroying the economy in Europe and it was all for nothing.

Ten years from now the world will realize that Putin is the anti-WEF and stands for freedom from a debt based financial system totally out of control and an anti-MIC/CIA reign of terror against the entire world.

He’s not the evil empire. The US is.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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