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Calibre Delivers 149.4 g/t Gold

Bob Moriarty

Sep 17, 2020

I don’t think most investors understand the extent that the well-led resource companies have cashed up in anticipation of far higher prices for gold and a renewed interest in mining by the general public. The actions of the Federal Reserve and all central banks pouring bales of $100 bills onto a bonfire pretty much guarantee the end of fiat currencies, higher gold and even potential hyperinflation.

Eleven months ago I covered the potential for Calibre Mining (CXB-T, CXBMF-OCTQX) that had just done a deal with B2 Gold to take over two existing gold mines in Nicaragua. While gold is up a lot at the time their shares were $.75. Fast forward to today and those same shares are up about 300%.

Everyone in the junior resource space is going to benefit but the sweet spot of risk vs. reward is going to be in actual producers. Management at Calibre has done a bang up job of hitting the ground running. They cashed up as soon as they could and have been dumping money into drilling and expanding the resource ever since.

Calibre is in the midst of a gigantic 80,000-meter drill program covering infill resource drilling, expansion drilling and some raw exploration. It is a giant success with results just out showing as high as 149.4 g/t gold over 4.8 meters leading the pack. The company has 14 drill rigs active on various projects and has 12,000 meters a month planned for the remainder of 2020. To date a mere 10% of assays have been received.

While I personally like investing in the real penny dreadfuls with ten-bagger potential, CXB is an easy ten-bagger from when I wrote about them in October and perfectly positioned for several hundred percent higher move from their price today. They are selling for a market cap of about $650 million today but are a dead easy call for them to crack into the billions.

As an investor you have to consider both risk and reward. CXB has a mix of the two that I consider perfect. They will be a mid-tier producer one day soon and with that the market will value them a lot higher per ounce of production.

Go to their website and view their presentation. They do a great job of telling their story.

Calibre is an advertiser and I did participate in their last PP. As such that makes me biased so do your own due diligence. I share in neither your gains nor your losses so your decisions are yours alone.

Calibre Mining Corp
CXB-T $1.95 Sept 15, 2020
CXBMF OTCQX 330 million shares
Calibre Mining website


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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