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Was HAARP Responsible for the Turkey/Syria Earthquakes?

Bob Moriarty

Feb 16, 2023

On the 3rd of February nine western countries either closed their embassies in Turkey or issued travel warnings to their citizens that they should leave Turkey. On the 6th of February a massive 7.8 quake on the Richter scale hit early in the morning with a 7.5 earth quake following twelve hours later. So far the body count between Turkey and Syria is above 41,000 dead with the damage in billions of dollars.

The governments of those nine western countries with the early warning were either incredibly wise or they were incredibly foolish. We don’t know which yet.

Turkey reacted with fury in the belief that somehow the US had triggered the earthquakes with something called HAARP. I have no idea of what HAARP can or can’t do. I don’t even know if it still exists or what capabilities it has. But a Romanian Senator has come out with a blistering video saying it was deliberate.

Naturally the websites owned and operated by and for the MIC were quick to label the theory that the US had committed the biggest act of terrorism in this century as a conspiracy theory and the US wouldn’t dream of attacking Turkey in the sort of way they attacked Germany.

While the US claims they didn’t bomb the Nord Stream Pipelines we do have Brandon on record as saying he would end Nord Stream. Wouldn’t it be just amazing if he told the truth for once? And he made a similar highly aggressive, threatening video aimed at Turkey just days before the earthquakes. Was he warning them in exactly the same way as he was warning the Germans he intended to destroy the Nord Stream pipelines? Notice his stance and aggessive way of speaking. That was a threat. Did he act on it?

Now the State Department has just told Americans to leave Russia at once in the same way Americans were told to leave Turkey three days before the earthquakes. Is this another message? They are also warning Americans to leave Belarus.

If by pure chance the governments of Canada, the US, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Holland and France were wise enough to warn their citizens to leave Turkey just before one of the biggest earthquakes in years, it was a stroke of wisdom and they are to be thanked for their good sense.

If on the other hand those same governments now warning their citizens to leave Belarus and Russia because they know the US is about to unleash HAARP on those two countries, they would be co-belligerents in an act of war. That would be highly foolish.

It’s important for all readers to understand something quite vital since it may be what is behind the US aggressive stance. The Republicans now control the House and they are going to use their supoena power to do the same thing to the Democrats as the Democrates did to them for years. Now that even the NYT has admitted that the Hunter Biden laptop that has been in the control of the FBI for almost three years reveals that Joe Biden was taking kickbacks through Hunter from Ukraine, China and Russia at the same time. He doesn’t just face impeachment, conviction and removal from office, he faces jail. This could be his ultimate "Wag the Dog" moment.

I’m just saying that since Russia has 100 megaton torpedos that a single shot could wipe out the East Coast of the US or sweep across all of England at one blow and thousands of nukes aimed at the capitol cities of all those foolish countries.

I wouldn’t want to be around if Russia concluded that the US has unleashed a HAARP attack on Russia or Belarus.

If there is a big earthquake in Russia or Belarus in the next week or ten days, kiss your kids goodbye while you still can because the world is about to end.

On the nuclear clock we are 1 10/th of a second before midnight and the end. The clock is ticking.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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