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I’m getting really lazy

Bob Moriarty

Jun 20, 2012

I hit 65 last birthday. Signed up for Social Security and Medicare. You gotta give them credit, they run a great Ponzi scheme.

A reader sent me an email. I would have written exactly the same words but I’m getting really lazy.

Dear Bob,

I can hardly believe my eyes when I see the drill results from the Springpole southeastern extension of the Portage Zone. I check 321gold daily to see if Gold Canyon has any news to report. It's your site, so you know: However, just look at the most recent report:

343 meters at 1.50 grams per ton.
108 meters at 3.44 grms p t
210 meters at 0.63 grms p t
116 meters at 0.80 grms p t
323 meters at 0.97 grms p t
213 meters at 0.53 grms p t

I know there is a lake, that poses environmental issues. But, heck, at $1.40 per share, and having Quinton Hennigh, ..... it seems to me that the next gold rush just may be at and all around the Springpole area (Dare I say Springpole District) that is 100% owned by Gold Canyon.

I recall reading an editorial at 321gold, The Next Big Thing, by a man named Bob Moriarty. I watched Richfield Ventures drop from about 1.70 to .80 and all the while the stock was plunging, Richfield kept reporting great drill results similar to, but perhaps not as Outsized as the ones being registered by Gold Canyon. As Richfield reported more and more outsized drill result the stock fell. Then, Richfield quickly rallied up to around $12 from $0.80, in around 9 months. And to me it begs the question: Will Gold Canyon shares experience a similar Run in the months ahead? Gold Canyon seems to me to have really Smart Management in Akkiko and Hennigh....maybe too smart to sell out too early. Maybe too smart to sell a truly Rare and Truly Gigantic Gold and Silver deposit in what is shaping up to be the Bull Market of current times, PM., as paper currencies and governments lose the support of the people and markets..

Is Gold Canyon "The Next Big Thing?"



My readers are smart enough to figure out the answer. I’m too lazy to say.

Gold Canyon Resources
GCU-V $1.38 (Jun 19, 2012)
GDCRF-OTCBB 120 million shares
Gold Canyon Resources website


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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