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The Deal of the Century for Contrarians is here

Bob Moriarty

Dec 8, 2018

Regular readers of 321gold are well aware that I am a contrarian. As Rick Rule likes to repeat, if you aren’t a contrarian, you are a victim.

On January 26th of this year, using nothing more than the DSI information, I predicted that 12 commodities would be making a turn. There was no magic to it; I just used information available to anyone at all. If they had access to the DSI and were capable of making a decision all by themselves.

Read what I wrote and then go look up any or all of those commodities by yourself so you can see how many I got right. I will give you a hint, I have never in fifty years of investing seen anyone else call turns on twelve commodities and get so many right.

It’s not magic, it’s not voodoo and for damn sure, I am not a guru or even an expert. I just used information available to everyone.

I’ve whined to Jake Bernstein in the past and begged for a special deal, perhaps just for the metals, that I could give my readers. He was willing to give me a discount but I didn’t think it was enough of a discount to make it worth writing about.

The DSI is simply the most valuable investing tool I have ever seen. There are a dozen or more various contrarian signals such as the PSLV Premium/Discount to NAV chart for silver and the SPPP Premium/Discount to NAV chart for platinum and palladium.

That last one by the way is telling me that platinum at a $460 discount to gold is about to rocket higher. But the Platinum/Gold spread chart [password required] put out by Gold Charts R Us by the talented Nick Laird would tell you exactly the same thing.

In the last three weeks the discount to gold by platinum has gone from $355 to $460. That has never happened in history. Nothing at all has changed in terms of fundamentals except the price. If you were a contrarian you would be looking to buy platinum and sell gold.

Jake just sent me an offer where between now and closing on the 20th of December, you can get a year of the DSI, normally priced at $1895 for $608 US. That’s a 68% discount by the way. I’d be proud to tell you that he made the offer just for 321gold readers but I would have to lie to do so. The offer is open to everyone. The rat.

If you can’t afford $608 for the DSI for a year, you have no business calling yourself an investor. You are not an investor; you are a chump trying to give your money away. The guys who do spring for the $608 are going to end up with all of your money.

I don’t get anything out of this other than he has comped me the service for the last couple of years. If you don’t find it one of the most valuable tools you have ever been handed after you use it for some time, write me and I will patiently listen to you whine and I will pat your back for you.

Order here and order now.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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