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Inca Kola, the Dr. Pimple Popper of South America

Bob Moriarty

Aug 10, 2020

Nobody goes to watch Dr. Pimple Popper to get ideas about investing in resource shares. They go to watch disgusting videos of Dr. Pimple Popper popping pimples. Likewise nobody goes to Inca Kola to get ideas about investing in resource stocks. They go to read about Inca Kola pop the pimples of people in the mining business. It’s just as disgusting but people do find strange ways of entertaining themselves.

If the Dr. Pimple Popper of South America, Inca Kola, wants to pop an especially sickening cyst why doesn’t the author out the truly disgusting pimple on the industry, Mark Turner? Turner was working for Hallgarten of the UK back in March of 2009 when he was pimping Crystallex.

As everyone in the mining industry knows, I knew as early as a piece I wrote in August nineteen years ago, Crystallex was formed as a scam from the gitgo. It didn’t turn into a fraud; it was always a con game. Everyone in the industry knew it.

Jimmy Angel, the guy who found Angel Falls, had gold claims at KM 88. As the result of an aircraft accident, he died in 1956 but his widow kept the claims active and eventually did a deal with Placer Dome. Placer Dome spent $132 million in exploration on La Cristinas but their agreement with the government of Venezuela called for them to move to production.

The founder of Crystallex went to Jimmy Angel’s widow and wanted to buy the right to sue Placer Dome. He told Angel’s widow that Placer had ripped her off and he wanted to make it right. So he gave the widow $25,000 for her signature on a piece of paper. She didn’t care. Placer Dome wasn’t about to sue a penniless old lady over some minor fraud.

So Crystallex was claiming that instead of Placer Dome, they really owned La Cristinas with its 8 million ounces of gold. Placer Dome told them to bugger off. So Crystallex sued Placer Dome. And lost. So they made up some other bullshit legal nonsense and sued Placer again. And lost. And again and again. Crystallex was remarkable because they lost every single case they brought against Placer in every court they filed with.

But Crystallex was a massive con game. They didn’t give a damn about winning their case. All they wanted to do was run some multi-million dollar blackmail/greenmail scam. They would never win a suit but they could prevent Placer from borrowing the money to put the mine in production. Sooner or later Placer would realize they had to pay them off it they wanted a mine.

Alas, the best laid plans of mice and men. . .

Gold went down, the project wasn’t economic and rather than buy Crystallex off, Placer walked away from the property entirely. A tiny junior named Vanessa Ventures did a backdoor deal and took over La Cristinas.

Crystallex wasn’t successful with their con game with Placer so they shifted gears and realized that the only way they were going to get the La Cristinas gold deal was to do it the old fashioned way. So they started bribing generals in Venezuela and eventually was handed the project. Now it’s important for everyone to understand, Placer spent $132 million in exploration on the project, Vanessa Ventures spent something on exploration. Crystallex didn’t spend a single dime in exploration.

They spent all their money in promotion and bribes. None of what I am saying is news to the industry; everyone in South America knew what was going on. Crystallex was a 100% swindle. It was the 2nd biggest fraud in mining in the last 30 years.

Hallgarten and Mark Turner had to have known about the fiddle but it didn’t keep Turner from pimping Crystallex a number of times in 2007-2009. I didn’t care, he is just one of the petty con men in the industry in the same way maggots go after dead flesh.

Mark Turner added an entirely new dimension to the con. As Mark Turner working for Hallgarten he touts Crystallex even though he knows it was fraud. But the brave and steadfast Inca Kola took him on and at exactly the same time Turner was talking about how wonderful Crystallex was, Inca Kola told his readers he was dumping that piece of crap stock. So if there were a bit of justice in the world of Inca Kola he would blow the whistle on Mark Turner and him selling his soul to Crystallex.

I know it will never happen. Inca Kola is Mark Turner.

And had no problem at all being knee deep in a pump and dump. After all, it takes some real balls to promote Crystallex as Mark Turner and telling people to sell it at exactly the same time writing as Inca Kola and telling people to sell. That’s called a pump and dump and it involves front running a stock. Both of which are totally illegal.

Turner you are one dumb son of a bitch. No one is about to forget that you were pimping for Crystallex at the same time pissing on every other parade. I hadn’t realized how many times they bought you until I looked it up on Google. So either Hallgarten is run by fools who didn’t know a fraud when they saw it or they were part of the con. Good move, I’m sure they are thrilled to be once again tied to your pump and dump. If they didn’t fire your ass, they should have.

Mark Turner is a tiny pimple on the ass of a gnat in the mining business. People go to Inca Kola to see pimples popped. But Turner is green with jealousy against a lot of people. He hates everyone. He hates me, he hates Quinton Hennigh, he hates Keith Barron, and he hates Brent Cook even though he used to kiss his ass. He really hates Eric Sprott.

Turner is just a really evil person with envy for everyone in the industry who has an impact no matter if they are the most honest or the biggest crook. They have an impact, he has none so the only thing he can do is insult and lie about everyone else. That makes him feel like a bigger person. He genuinely enjoys hurting people.

Turner just said, “PS: What, you didn't know Bob Moriarty front-runs his paid pumps illegally and should have been thrown in jail years ago? You must be new round these parts....”

That could be true. It also could be false. The statement is a damned lie. It’s libel and Turner knows it.

Now understand that Turner knows front running and pulling a pump and dump because I caught him in March of 2009 and pointed out to him that what he was doing was illegal.

So I don’t think he is a criminal, I know he is a criminal. All any reader has to do to verify it is go to Google and put in Mark Turner and Crystallex and there are dozens of references of him touting Crystallex when everyone in mining knew Crystallex was a giant con game.

So ask yourself, how could Mark Turner know what shares I buy or sell or when I do it?

The answer is simple; Turner has no idea of what I own or when I buy it or when I sell it. He’s not my broker or has any contact with anyone who knows what I buy or sell. He made it up.

He’s using something psychologists call "projection." He calls everyone else a crook. He says others are liars and frauds but we have all the evidence in the world of his deceit. We know he’s a crook and a liar. No doubt he will come back and whine about I don’t have any proof, I can’t prove what I say.

“Well, Mark, go back to your email from March of 2009 and you will have all the proof you want. It’s all in your email in box. What I liked best from you was when you threatened to sue me if I exposed you.”

“Turner, if you are ever in Miami again there is a really nice Jewish deli on the beach, we should meet and chat. The deli is called Sosueme.”

We can count on Mark whining about me being a bully and an anti-Semite, I hate Jews and only hate him because he’s Jewish. He’s not a crook just because it’s as obvious as a giant cyst on your nose from the evidence available to everyone instead I must be the crook.

No Mark, everyone in the industry despises you because you are a flaming asshole who is just as guilty as everyone you have accused of anything. You claim to be a beacon of moral judgment seated on top of your throne looking down at all the lowly serfs below.

The industry doesn’t need you lecturing them on Black Lives Matter. George Floyd died of an overdose and a heart attack. He would have died at exactly the same time if he had been sitting peacefully in the back of the police car. Yes, the cop was stupid to kneel on him but that didn’t kill him and you know that.

Likewise, the damned fool who got shot in Atlanta was drunk and on probation. If he got arrested, he was going right back to prison. The cops were nice to him until they tried to arrest him. He fought back, grabbed one of the cop’s Taser and tried to shoot him with it. I would challenge you to go to the most peaceful country on earth, start a fight with a cop, steal his Taser and aim it at him. If you do, you are going to die. And that’s in the most peaceful country, not the one with the most brutal cops.

But while you are whining about the BLM and how the mining business needs to do something now, why don’t you point out the very real issue and something far more dangerous to the lives of blacks in the US? If Black Lives Matter in Minneapolis and Black Lives Matter in Atlanta, why don’t you mention the 110 blacks shot in Chicago in one weekend?

By other blacks.

Do Black Lives Matter in Chicago?

We absolutely have police brutality in the US and racial prejudice. But what about police brutality in Israel? You never bring that up. Is it invisible to you or are Arabs some sub humans who deserve to be murdered in cold blood by the police and military? So BLM but Arab Lives don’t matter?

You pretend to be offering investment advice when in fact Inca Kola exists in order for you to vent your venom against everyone else who has ever done anything in their careers good or bad. Just how much money have you ever put in anyone’s pocket other than your own?

You have been on a tear lately about how stupid it is for investors to buy silver or for people to suggest silver as an investment. My best figures show that silver hit a low of $11.69 on March 18th and went up to $29.81 on August 6th. That’s a 155% move higher in less than five months. Those recommending silver during this period as silver went from a ratio of 133-1 to gold intraday to 71-1 on Friday made fortunes for those who listened. Any investor could have bought silver on any day from March 18th until Friday and would have had a profitable trade.

You are a fucking idiot with a very loud mouth who is in love with the sound of his own voice. In 19 years of writing I have never made a trade that was as consistently stupid as your peeing on the silver parade for five months. I don’t worship silver and in fact I believe the silver bugs all the way up to Ted Butler and Eric Sprott have a screw loose. But your mumbling about silver for the last five months sounds like the mad rambling of a blithering idiot.

Are you even capable of admitting you are human and make mistakes like all the rest of the people on earth? Face it, your rants on silver were as bad as any prediction Butler or Murphy or Hommel ever made in history. You sound stupid because you were stupid.

I ignored your whining about being a victim in March of 2009 not because I was afraid of you suing me, I knew that was bullshit.

I ignored your pump and dump because you are a pissant that no one pays any attention to anyway. They come to your site to indulge the evil that lives in their own hearts.

But I’ll make you a promise. If and when I ever catch you in another pump and dump or front running, I will go directly to the SEC and I’ll shove it so far up your ass that you can floss with it.

Have a wonderful day, Mark.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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