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Common Sense 2.0 Must Read Free EBook

Bob Moriarty

Jul 13, 2020

I came across an interesting tome recently titled Common Sense 2.0 by a writer calling himself Thomas Paine.

Streetwise Reports had someone do a review of the book. It sounded interesting so I ordered a copy of the book.

It is a fascinating read even if I happen to agree with the majority of what the author suggests. He goes on to put down a long list of the serious problems the US faces today including a state of constant warfare, riots, insurrection, corruption in government and an outright bankruptcy.

But today people are not interested in prophets, they demand saviors so one chapter is devoted to a solution for all the problems he sees. The book is well worth reading.

And the price is right. From midnight Sunday night until midnight Friday, the EBook is free on Amazon. I highly suggest my readers download the book and read it.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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