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This is a Turkish False Flag Event

Bob Moriarty

Feb 18, 2016

Turkey wants to start World War III. It will be nuclear.

This is a false flag event I predicted on the 15th.

Car Bomb Strikes Military Convoy in Ankara, Killing 28, Officials Say

The problem with President Erdogan of Turkey is that he is so predictable. This is so old school; it’s what my granny used to pull.

Erdogan is trying his best to protect his son’s scam of financing ISIS while stealing $1 billion a year in oil from Syria and Iraq. The US couldn’t figure out where those 20-mile long convoys of oil tankers were headed. The Russians could.

Wave bye, bye to ISIS and should Turkey and Saudi Arabia invade Syria, wave bye, bye to them.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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