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Blackwolf Copper & Gold Stuns Market with $977 Rock

Bob Moriarty

May 4, 2021

Blackwolf Copper & Gold (BWCG-V) used to be named Heatherdale. Certainly the new moniker is a lot more interesting. The company released results today from their tidewater in Alaska VMS project that were simply stunning, showing 7.6 meters of 2.7 g/t gold, 145 g/t silver, 6.5% zinc and an amazing 5.2% copper. If measured in CuEq it would be 10.7%. At today’s prices, that is $977 rock in USD.

(Click on image to enlarge)

The drill program was tiny, only 1,774 meters in ten holes but remarkably successful. Over the best seven holes, using CuEq numbers, the grades varied from 2.63% CuEq to 14.25% CuEq. Two holes were discontinued because they threatened to wash out their access road. One hole hit a bunch of rock.

Blackwolf Copper & Gold is not an advertiser but I have bought shares in the open market and participated in the latest private placement. Do your own due diligence.

Blackwolf Copper & Gold Ltd
BWCG-V $1.21 (May 03, 2021)
HTRRF-OTCBB 28.9 million shares
Blackwolf website


Bob Moriarty
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