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Explor Hits in New Brunswick

Bob Moriarty

Jan 12, 2017

I wrote about Explor Resources (EXS-V) primary project back in early November. It’s called the Timmins Porcupine West project or TPW for short and is optioned to Teck. Teck has a 55% interest and can expand their interest to 70% by spending another $4 million on the project. TPW has a resource of 1.079 million ounces of gold. If you figured out what interest Explor still holds in the resource it would work out to about $12 an ounce, which is pretty cheap.

And a few days ago I wrote a piece and said that other companies have been sitting on good results until after the holidays when investors would take more interest. And just to point out that I have been beating the drums since October that this is one of the best periods in history to be investing in resource shares, the HUI has risen by 28% since the low in gold and the indexes in mid-December.

I hate to keep pounding on the drum and saying I told you so but it does happen to be true. On February 1st of 2016 in a piece I called We’ve Seen the Bottom in Gold, I wrote, “Right under our noses, the XAU over Gold has gone up 21% in less than two weeks. It’s a major bottom similar to that of 2000 and the climb higher will be similar as well.”

Well folks, if you measure the low in the XAU over gold from about the 10th of October, it hit a low, then a month later went a little lower and retested that low at the end of December. From the low in November until now, we have had a 21% rally. We had a wonderful rally a year ago when the XAU over gold went up 21% and I believe we are in the early stages of yet another giant rally that no one sees.

If you want your fantasies filled with sugar plum stories about how gold was suppressed from $252 to $1923 by manipulation from every evil doer in the world, there are a myriad of fake news sites and parrots of fake news sites that you can go to. You can read about cartels, manipulation, naked short selling and any other damned fool theory from a whole cartload of scam artists and con men. If you want to make money, learn to think for yourself and how sentiment will tell you exactly what you need to do to profit.

Explor has other projects they are working on that they get no respect from the market or value for in their shares. They just announced extraordinary results from the Chester property including 3.65% copper over 5.35 meters. That’s worth $206 US a ton in the ground.

Explor was as high as $.24 a share in February of 2016 before making a major correction down to a low of $.065 in late December. It’s cheap today, a lot cheaper than it will be if we have the rally in gold and shares that I have been anticipating.

Explor is an advertiser and as such I am biased. Please do your own due diligence.

Explor Resources Inc
EXS-V $.095 (Jan 11, 2017)
EXSFF-OTCBB 1240.8 million shares
Explor Resources website


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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